Phillips Talks
Glitches with National MediaPosted at - 02:00 PM on Mon, Oct 21, 2013

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Phillips Talks <br>Glitches with National Media

Infor CEO Charles Phillips is talking with national media to help the public understand the complex technical issues behind problems with the new federal and state healthcare exchanges. Although Infor software is not involved in the project, Phillips is being called on for his expertise with healthcare industry technology.

USA Today reports: 'Most of the problems with are on the back end and can be fixed, said Charles Phillips, CEO of enterprise software company Infor and former member of Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

' "These are non-trivial problems, and it's exacerbated with a big-bang rollout," Phillips said, emphasizing that the government needed more time to test the system. … "Having seen these cases for many, many years, once you know what the problems are, they're fixable." ' reports: ' "I would have been surprised if it had worked on Day One," said Phillips, whose current company provides software used by 23 of the nation's 50 largest public hospitals.

' "Given when they got the requirements, this was bound to happen," said Phillips, noting that it is a complex task to build a site from scratch that involves sharing data between multiple government websites that were never designed to work together. … ' "This is not an intractable problem." '

Phillips also has discussed the issue with the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.


  • CNBC: 'There's time to fix Obamacare problems: Ex-Oracle prez'
  • USA Today: 'Administration tapping Zients, fellows for tech help'
  • Wall Street Journal: 'Health-Care Site Performance Said Improving' (Note: subscription required)


  • CNBC: A taped interview with Phillips is scheduled to air today, Oct. 23.
  • Bloomberg: Phillips will sit in as a guest host of "Bloomberg Surveillance" at 6 a.m. EDT Thursday, Oct. 24, alongside Bloomberg Businessweek managing editor Paul Barrett and regular hosts Tom Keene, Sara Eisen and Scarlet Fu.
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