Video: Piper Aircraft Calls Infor
‘The Single-Source Solution’Posted at - 02:30 PM on Fri, Sep 13, 2013

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Piper Aircraft is growing, and with all of its departments—from engineering to manufacturing to finance to sales—needing more robust solutions, "we're developing our relationship even bigger with Infor," says Greg Spadaro, senior director of new business systems at Piper.

Piper Aircraft builds eight models of small piston and turboprop aircraft. In a new 3-minute video, Spadaro talks about why it is expanding its Infor LN ERP footprint.

Here are excerpts:

  •  "Now that the company is growing, and we have a lot of need for applications in our engineering department, we have more needs in our financial department, and now sales and everybody else is looking for more robust solutions, we're developing our relationship even bigger with Infor."
  • " We had a choice. We had been using Infor for the last 12 years — very happy with the product — but when you start over, you start to look and say, 'Well, maybe we should look at the competition,' but at the end of the day, Infor had the most robust manufacturing solution."
  • "We found that the Oracles and SAPs, when it came to the manufacturing floor, were way too rigid for the things that we wanted to do in our environment. So it was sort of an easy decision to stay with Infor."
  • "Our phase 1 implementation is going very well. We are on schedule. We are under budget."
  • "We can see that we're not going to have to make any customizations like we did in the past, and be able to use the software the way it is — right out of the box, which is exactly what the company is looking for."
  • "The biggest impact that Infor LN will have for Piper Aircraft is no customizations. We want to stay current with the software as time goes on."
  • "We started this project with a goal in mind that we wanted to know the true cost of the aircraft. … We are very positive that the LN platform, with all of the business tools including CPM, will allow us to see the true cost of the aircraft."
  • "What excites me most about my relationship with Infor is that you guys are the single-source solution for our company. You have the full suite of solutions that Piper Aircraft is looking for."

Watch the Piper Aircraft video.

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