Get Power Over Your Power UsePosted at - 11:51 AM on Wed, Feb 13, 2013

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Get Power Over Your Power Use

The new Infor Energy Performance Management module provides a top-down view of energy consumption to help dissect use and get a grip on costs.

The enhancement originated from Infor's acquisition of ENXSuite, a cloud-based energy performance management platform, in October 2011.  The Infor Energy Performance Management module generates a high-level overview of energy consumption to help organizations manage energy costs and regulate conservation efforts.

Infor Energy Performance Management offers users a comprehensive view of energy consumption, allowing corporate policymakers to determine the success of energy conservation initiatives and identify their organization's carbon footprint. The module also provides a bottom up view when integrated with existing Infor EAM solutions to deliver insight into individual asset behaviors.

The solution establishes a centralized system that is capable of tracking both qualitative and quantitative metrics for energy consumption. This level of visibility allows businesses to justify asset management decisions, including replacements and upgrades, by projecting specific dollar savings amounts.

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