A New Suite for Printing and PackagingPosted on - 02:00 PM on Mon, Jan 28, 2013

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A New Suite for Printing and Packaging

Infor has released a new vertical suite—Infor for Printing and Packaging. It's an integrated ERP system containing specialized built-in capabilities to manage the printing and packaging lifecycle with faster deployments and fewer modifications.

By combining the advantages of full visibility, process control, and financial management with the industry-specific needs of creating accurate printing quotes and estimating resource needs, Infor for Printing and Packaging can control day-to-day activities, plus enable long-term analysis, planning and strategic growth.  The suite's integration between packaging or printing processes and business operations provides one common source of truth, making data more reliable. Available as either an on-premise solution or cloud-based deployment, the ERP solution is highly flexible and can scale to meet many business expansion needs.

Specifically, Infor for Printing and Packaging delivers:

  • A speedier quoting process
  • Improved workflow and integration
  • Enhanced demand planning
  • Increased productivity

"Infor understands the niche printing and packaging market, and developed this specialized application as a result of in-depth conversations and knowledge sharing with customers who wanted access to company-wide analytics and reporting tools in order to achieve the high efficiency necessary to successfully navigate the complexity and market pressures of the industry," said Mark Humphlett, director of ERP marketing, Infor.

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