Reynolds Talks About Infor M3’s ‘Phenomenal Benefit’Posted on - 05:00 PM on Fri, Dec 07, 2012

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Reynolds Talks About Infor M3’s ‘Phenomenal Benefit’

Green grocer reality: complex logistics, short shelf life, demanding customers, thin margins. "We're seeing phenomenal benefit with using M3," says Reynolds Catering Supplies CEO.

In a video interview with ZDNet blogger Dennis Howlett, Tony Reynolds details the array of efficiencies his company has gained with Infor M3.

"If I want to be the best green grocer, I need to be the best at logistics. I need to be the best at finance. I need to be the best at innovation. And we need the best systems to power our business forward," Reynolds says. "So for us to find Infor M3 as a partner has been critical, not only to where we are at the moment, but where we want to be over the next five years or so."

Watch "Reynolds Catering Supplies and Infor M3" on YouTube.

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