Social Media: Why CRM Should Never
Leave Home Without ItPosted at - 01:00 PM on Fri, Nov 08, 2013

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Social Media: Why CRM Should<br> Never Leave Home Without It

Infor CRM marketing director MJ Crabbe-Barberis explains social media's immediate and long-lasting impact on how a brand is perceivedand why it's a critical element of any successful CRM strategy.

In a guest post headlined "Drive Customer Experience with Actionable Social CRM" for the online publication Information Management, Crabbe-Barberis explains why social media is here to stay, and outlines the keys to a proactive social media strategy.

Here are excerpts:

"It's widely recognized that the amount of data, both structured and unstructured, has increased at an inconceivable rate since the advent of social media. What should you do about all this data and the burgeoning number of social media channels?"

With the top 10 social media sites growing by 27% from June 2012 to May 2013, managing those channels and interactions can seem like an overwhelming task. Not necessarily, writes Crabbe-Barberis: "By creating a focused strategy, and using CRM technology to deliver on that strategy, you can get a greater return on your investment than ever before."

"You need to take advantage of social media as both a way to communicate with customers, and a data source, by integrating social, mobile, digital media, and data into your CRM strategy." 

What are the keys to a successful social media strategy?

Make it relevant. "Take advantage of customer deals. You can manage your inventory by using social media and a CRM solution to educate customers about upcoming or last-minute discounts and deals." And, "make the most of real-time messages. Remember, timing is one of the critical components of the CRM adage …"

Maximize your social media investment.

  • Take inventory  Assess what you are doing today in social media.
  • Strategize  Brainstorm and strategize about which new social media and digital marketing tactics you'd like to implement.
  • Set a goal  Define a purpose for your social CRM project based on what it can do to assist and engage customers.
  • Be careful not to overdo it  Layer your new social media strategies and tactics onto your existing cross-channel marketing roadmap or calendar.
  • Consumers value objectivity; referrals and references are more critical than ever. A social media relationship with one person is now a relationship with that person's entire social network."

Read the full article.

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