Springfield, Ore., Implements
Efficiency with Infor UpgradePosted at - 01:30 PM on Wed, Dec 11, 2013

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Springfield, Ore., Implements <br>Efficiency with Infor Upgrade

The city of Springfield, Oregon's upgrade of Infor Public Sector apps comes complete with better integration, efficiency, compliance, and customer service.

Springfield upgraded to the latest version of Infor applications for the Public Sector including Customer Service, Work Management, Inventory Control and Asset Analysis. Springfield wanted to update its existing Infor systems with new technology, expand the solution across the Development and Public Works Department with a web-based interface, reduce information silos, and enable an integrated data repository. Decision-makers also wanted to enhance reporting and analysis functionality to more easily demonstrate compliance with government regulations.

"Infor's solution provides tools to effectively manage our natural resources, track key activities and help us demonstrate that we're adhering to guidelines and regulations. Its robust integration capabilities have also allowed us to experience an accurate, consolidated picture of data across the city and the region," said Len Goodwin, director of the Springfield Development and Public Works Department. "The experience with Infor has been a positive change from previous ERP implementations. Project teams have been highly successful integrating the use of the software into their daily work and are pleasantly surprised with project outcomes. Bottom line, we completed the work ahead of schedule and under budget."

Springfield has effectively standardized and automated daily operations using Infor's built-in, flexible workflows. With greater visibility into consolidated processes, the Development and Public Works Department can more easily demonstrate adherence to state and federal mandates.

Infor's web-based applications provide integration with the city's existing PeopleSoft system, eliminating the need to maintain duplicate data and allowing automated transfers of employee information. The solution also supports the exchange of information with third-party firms, helping to enable increased collaboration and faster decision making.

With the ability to export directly into applications like Microsoft Excel, public works employees can access and drill down into data to create customized reports without the assistance of system administrators and database specialists. This helps users pinpoint process areas where greater efficiency can be achieved and provide more useful information to the Springfield City Council.

"Infor's new software architecture and robust web services provide hard cost savings for the city. The .net architecture delivers Internet access to the application compared to client installs on individual workstations, reducing effort on average from 45 minutes to 5 minutes per client," said Brandt Melick, technical services division manager with the Springfield Development and Public Works Department.

In the future, Springfield plans to integrate with engineering, design, and finance processes and use the solution to track the true cost of assets. Through these measures, the city expects to enhance cost estimate accuracy and capture actual costs with capital projects to improve budgeting assessments.

Infor Public Sector delivers a complete suite of solutions specifically designed for all levels of government and public organizations. Used by more than 3,600 public organizations globally, including 16 of the 20 largest US cities and 19 of the 20 largest states, Infor Public Sector helps optimize capital investments, maximize revenue, improve cross-agency collaboration, and lets government organizations better serve the growing expectations of citizens. 

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