The Summer of Writing CodePosted at - 01:00 PM on Mon, Aug 19, 2013

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The Summer of Writing Code

Infor CEO Charles Phillips contributed to New York City's first CodeNow summer internships that turned promising students into programmers.  

Last Wednesday was graduation and demo night for the 20 teen interns. "Infor CEO Charles Phillips was there that night. His company helped buy each kid a new Toshiba Windows 8 laptop," reports Julie Bort in an Aug. 18 article on Business

"The kids who complete the program get to keep the computer they work on. They also agree to 100 hours of mentoring to the next crop of kids to enter the program, and to start coding clubs at the schools and such," the article continues.

"… Phillips told us he contributed to the project because someone once helped him when he was a teen. He kept poking around the local electronics store. The store owner noticed, befriended him and taught him how to build computers and code.

"That experience changed his life and today he's the CEO of a nearly $3 billion enterprise software company and now he wants to help teens in much the same way."

Read the full article, headlined "These Teens Are Solving The Skills Shortage By Teaching Other Kids How To Code," on Business

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