Tap into Social Sentiment with Infor HospitalityPosted on - 11:00 AM on Thu, Dec 06, 2012

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Tap into Social Sentiment
Hospitality companies can measure guest sentiment within Infor HMS now, thanks to a new strategic collaboration with TrustYou.
Infor has just released social sentiment measurement capabilities within the Infor Hospitality Management System dashboard. It's built with TrustYou, a market leader in online reputation management for the hospitality industry. Hoteliers now have the tools to integrate TrustYou's data into Infor's existing hospitality suite via a series of dashboard-embedded widgets - providing real-time access to social sentiment that will aid staff in improving guest satisfaction to encourage more bookings.
Strengths and weaknesses can be identified in real time so hoteliers can rectify guest concerns more rapidly. Specifically, these three new widgets - Seal (TrustScore), Source and Review - powered by semantic data from TrustYou, look through millions of opinions from more than 200 sources in 23 languages on review and booking sites, blogs, forums, and communities, and streamline them into a straightforward, digestible summary for properties to address as they see fit.
"Reviews are extremely valuable, and TrustYou's solutions, embedded into Infor's HMS application, will enable hoteliers to listen, understand and respond to guests, and proactively fix any complaints or criticisms," said Ben Jost, CEO and co-founder of TrustYou. "We are excited about this partnership and the opportunity to support Infor in powering a new offering that will help customers grow their online reputations, which we believe will ultimately improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, drive marketing efforts and enhance customer service."
As online communities continue to grow, it's more important than ever for hoteliers to really grasp what's being said about them in public forums.
"To many hoteliers, the idea of aggregating social media feeds and encapsulating guest sentiment about their properties seems daunting, but the business environment we live in requires these hotels - independent or chain - to take notice of what guests are saying about them in order to sustain business and build an emotional connection to the brand," said Stewart Applbaum, senior vice president and general manager, Hospitality, Infor. "We're innovating our Hospitality offering to enable our customers to gain instant access to guest sentiments and stay ahead of the curve with real time responses through various channels, and this new social offering will be game-changing for not only our customers, but the industry in general."
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