Infor Proud to Support Employee TJ PomianPosted on - 03:18 PM on Fri, Dec 21, 2012

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Infor Proud to Support Employee TJ Pomian

Sales VP TJ Pomian has proudly served two combat deployments with the National Guard, and on the homefront, Infor always had his back.

Maj. Pomian deployed with the Georgia Army National Guard to Iraq during 2005-2006 and to Afghanistan in 2009-2010. He is currently serving on active reserve with the Guard.

"During my first combat deployment to Iraq, I served as an infantry platoon leader responsible for 32 soldiers. We patrolled a battle space in Baghdad and were in control of major supply routes into and out of Baghdad," Pomian said.

"I was called to active duty a second time and deployed to Afghanistan. I served as an infantry company  commander responsible for 232 soldiers. We patrolled and held blocking positions in the mountains on the eastern border of Afghanistan. During both deployments and training leading up to the missions, I was honored to serve my country. I had the privilege to lead the finest men our country has to offer. I will always cherish my men, the missions we accomplished, and the fond memories we made along the way. I will especially remember-and never forget-those we lost during both deployments defending our freedom."

That passion propels Pomian across both his spheres of influence. For 15 years-before, during and after those deployments-Pomian has also been a valued Infor employee, serving most of those years with the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) business unit.

"There are times when you meet someone and can sense the person they are at their core. TJ is just that person who portrays great qualities of trust, respect, and the inner drive to be the best," explained Andy Berry, VP of Infor's Wholesale Distribution business unit. "On his return from active duty, Infor provided me the opportunity to hire TJ to fill an open role in our channels organization. He now runs our North Americas sales team. TJ is a leader to his team, to our customers, and to Infor. But most importantly, he is someone I am honored to call a friend."

When Pomian needed to take leave again to deploy overseas, he went with Infor's complete backing.

"The company's support came from the top," Pomian said. "The entire executive staff, along with managers and HR, personally wished me well upon my departure, met with my family and me during my two-week R&R, and when I redeployed home. I received many emails, letters and care packages while away. My wife and children also felt the support back home, whether it was a simple question on benefits from HR or a call just to check in.

"I could not have asked for better support from any company. I was honored to nominate Infor for the 2009 Patriot Award that it received from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, a Department of Defense national committee. As a small token of my appreciation, I also presented Infor with a flag that was flown over my base in Afghanistan. The flag still resides in the lobby of our Alpharetta, Georgia, office today."

Pomian continues to serve on active reserve as regimental logistical staff and operations officer supporting the 122nd RTI at Dobbins Air Force Base, Atlanta. "Infor supports the time I need to take off to attend ongoing training and service," he said.

"I chose to serve our great nation after 9/11. Like so many others, my decision to serve was a personal choice, but to know that my decision and my family's sacrifices are appreciated by my colleagues at my civilian employer is a humbling and proud feeling."

It's important for all companies to support the military reserve and National Guard members in their employ, Pomian said. "When a person chooses to serve in a reserve capacity, at times it takes a double toll. The fine balance between wearing a corporate hat one day and a military helmet another day can be difficult. We all have the challenges of juggling our work, family and spiritual and social life. Adding two careers to the mix creates a unique situation for both the military and civilian employers to deal with. Knowing that you serve both, and they understand your situation, helps you accomplish both with even more passion and confidence."

"Infor is a military service friendly organization," Pomian said. "Our CEO Charles Phillips, a former Marine Corps officer, has formally committed Infor to support hiring of our veterans. As our company continues to grow, this great initiative will bring high-quality and experienced personnel to Infor. I am excited to help attract superior veteran talent to Infor."

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