Tuning Up the Social Side
of Customer RelationshipsPosted on - 01:36 PM on Wed, Jan 30, 2013

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Tuning Up the Social Side <br>of Customer Relationships

A new release of Infor Epiphany Sales & Service delivers real-time data to help companies analyze and engage with customers through social media.

Intertwining customer information already available through Infor Epiphany CRM Suite with social data, this application quickly provides users with enriched data to help understand the social profile of a customer they are interacting with.

"Highly customer-centric organizations are always on the lookout for ways to enhance the customer experience. Having timely, relevant information from consumers enables companies to engage in more successful one-on-one interactions with their customers," said George Wright, senior vice president and general manager, CRM, Infor. "Infor is able to deliver even more enhanced social insights to our customers through metrics, measurement, sentiment and analytics reporting, and deliver the data they need in real time to have more meaningful, engaged, and profitable interactions."

The updated Infor Epiphany Sales & Service also delivers:

  • Social Summary – A new Social Summary is provided on the individual, contact and organization pages, which shows an aggregated set of metrics about the use of social media by the customer. The summary data includes the number of "on topic" posts by the customer in the past 30, 90 and 365 days, whether they "like" your Facebook page, and how many followers they have on Twitter.
  • Social Posts – A new Social Posts tab shows the customer's posts by topic in the past 30 days. Posts that have been automatically identified as interactions are flagged. Users can also manually create an inbound interaction associated with a specific post directly from the tab.
  • Automatically Created Interactions – The application allows automatically created interactions for posts on topics that have been identified as actionable and those needing an agent to follow up on immediately, such as service requests or positive and negative experiences with the products. The goal is to monitor a customer's relevant social media actions and respond to them through the same channel on which they contacted the company, thereby being more sensitive to customer needs and expanding the relationship.

This is the next step in the evolution of Infor Epiphany, helping enable companies to become social across three core areas: social engagement & servicing, social communications, and social commerce.

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