Upgrade Improves Hershey
Resorts’ HR Service DeliveryPosted at - 10:00 AM on Thu, Nov 07, 2013

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Upgrade Improves Hershey<br>Resorts’ HR Service Delivery

Expanding and upgrading Infor Knowledgebase let Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R) deliver personalized employee HR self-service anywhere anytime.

HE&R has upgraded to the most recent version of Infor Knowledgebase, part of the Infor Enwisen HR Service Delivery suite of solutions. Infor Knowledgebase delivers significant enhancements that enable customers to take more control of their content, and display content within newly delivered knowledge domains. Infor Knowledgebase supports best-practice, multi-tier HR service delivery-helping organizations deliver better HR service with fewer resources and lower costs.

In 2007, HE&R in Hershey, Pennsylvania, selected Infor Knowledgebase to provide options for employees looking for answers to time-sensitive HR, payroll and benefits questions. Employees were able to quickly find answers to most of their own queries via a personalized, searchable, self-service tool without needing to connect to the HR department directly.

Now, through this upgrade, the teams at Hershey have access to new features such as the Client Content Toolset (CCT), which delivers tools to edit documents, route them to other teams members, publish changes, and upload files to the portal.

"Infor Knowledgebase continues to be a very strategic investment for our organization, and we chose to expand and upgrade with Infor because they've proven to us that they are a dedicated and involved partner," said Mike Yeagley, HR technology manager, HE&R.  "With this technology, we're able to unify our HR and self-service solutions in a single interface and sign-on, where our teams can access information from virtually anywhere at any time."

The Infor application can be accessed through a web portal, which unifies multiple functions into a single application.

"Infor Knowledgebase helps organizations like Hershey Entertainment & Resorts scale the HR function while improving services to employees," said Roger Woehl, general manager of Infor HCM. "By enabling employees to answer many of their own HR questions, organizations can yield better HR service with less effort at a lower cost."

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