Canadian Library Gets Web Smart
with Infor V-smartPosted at - 01:35 PM on Thu, May 16, 2013

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Canadian Library Gets Web Smart <br>with Infor V-smart

Kirkland Municipal Library ushers in a patron-focused era with Infor V-smart's integrated web-based systems. 

The library, which serves nearly 9,000 registered members in Kirkland on the west island of Montreal, has selected Infor V-smart, Infor V-insight and the Iguana web portal and discovery platform to provide its members with remote catalog access and enhanced services with improved ease-of-use.

"Patron engagement is becoming increasingly important as the ways in which libraries need to interact with the community and understand its needs continues to evolve," said Sonia Djevalikian, library division chief, Kirkland Municipal Library. "This was a large motivator behind our decision to implement Iguana in particular because we know that it will help us to improve overall service to our members by customizing their experience."

Benefits of the multiple solution adoption include:

  • Infor V-smart allows multiple simultaneous searches through databases.
  • Iguana's marketing and collection services provide the ability to promote offerings, attract new patrons, and provide a user-specific experience.
  • Infor V-insight provides member data in easy-to-read formats.
  • The access to data enables participation in inter-library loan programs.
  • Infor V-smart enables Kirkland to implement Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) functionality.

"Libraries have a need to market their services and create an individualized feel just like other businesses," said Kevin Curry, SVP, Public Sector, Infor. "Infor is committed to helping libraries like Kirkland enhance interactions with patrons to develop a deeper understanding of what it can provide, and make better-informed decisions on where to build collections and program offerings."

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