Any Post-Migration Regrets?
Not for WAIglobalPosted on - 02:20 PM on Mon, Jan 07, 2013

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Any Post-Migration Regrets? <br>Not for WAIglobal

To support its automotive and heavy-duty aftermarket manufacturing and distribution business, US-based WAIglobal had been using Infor Baan for nine years.

"We're shipping 8,000 to 9,000 lines per day. With about 60% customization in Baan, we put ourselves in a position of not being supported anymore. We needed to move into a supported ERP environment to remain competitive," explains Abraham Kurian, vice president of information technology at WAIglobal.

After evaluating several alternative systems, WAIglobal decided to stay with Infor and migrate to Infor LN.

"In Infor LN there are new capabilities and many improvements in all areas: sales, staffing, finance, and the mapping process of integration," Kurian says. "New features such as cross-docking in warehousing are big, and the replenishment and inspections processes are more streamlined.

"Overall, we saved about $800,000 operationally with the integration to the warehouse management system."

Other key areas for WAIglobal included the "new user capabilities, being able to customize the screen without IT help," Kurian says. "Also, new filtering allows users to see only what they want to see on their main screen. For example, if I want only open sales orders, I can create a filter to see that data on my screen without running a report—eliminating a lot of user reporting."

The biggest change for WAIglobal's users, though, was the dashboard addition. "Dashboards make it much easier to manage, and there are several different ones. If I'm a warehouse manager, I'd want to see all my transactions on one screen, or dashboard-all inbound and outbound transactions, cycle count. The information is now at your fingertips.

"… It made complete sense to migrate to Infor LN."

Read the WAIglobal customer profile.

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