Wang Reports: ‘Infor Summit Reveals
More Than A Redesigned Infor’Posted on - 12:00 PM on Mon, Feb 25, 2013

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Wang Reports: ‘Infor Summit Reveals<br>More Than Redesigned Infor’

"A customer-focused strategy on micro-verticals and design-inspired user experiences is changing the impression of Infor … to a forward-looking and innovative contender." That's Constellation Research principal analyst R "Ray" Wang's assessment after attending the Infor Innovation Summit for analysts and "tech watchers" last week.   

Onh is blog, A Software Insider's Point of View, Wang posted a thorough report of his findings from the event that he called "a progress check on Infor."

Here are some excerpts from "Event Report: #InforSummit Reveals More Than a Redesigned Infor":

  • "Infor's strategy to go deep on micro-verticals comes at a time when SAP and Oracle are no longer substantially investing R&D in deep vertical functionality. By going deeper and more specialized in micro-vertical industries, Infor can differentiate on features and functionality desired by customers."
  • "The overall support for OAGIS (Open Applications Group Integration Specification) standards allows Infor's legacy apps to communicate with newer applications and avoid duplicate creation of common components. … With Infor ION in place, Infor now has an integrative fabric using loosely coupled architecture. Customers can run legacy apps and also take advantage of new products and solutions.  Moreover, this enables Infor a platform for rapid integration of future acquisitions."
  • "Users will notice a stark difference between the new apps and the old apps.  When apps begin with user design instead of engineering, the end users benefit."
  • "Market momentum shows a shift in customer preferences for outcomes not technology."
  • "Constellation has seen numerous scenarios where the Oracle or SAP upgrade process is now more expensive than a replacement approach."
  • "Infor's resurrection from the dark days of the recession in 2008 highlights what a new management team, $1B of investment, and a focused strategy can achieve."

Read the full "Event Report: #InforSummit Reveals More Than a Redesigned Infor" and get Constellation's recommendations to Infor customers and prospects.

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