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Optimize your entire operation—from inventory and warehouse management to financials, multichannel orders, and purchasing—with Infor’s distribution solutions, backed by 30 years of practical application, continually enhanced with the latest innovations, and trusted by over 6,000 customers.

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    Microvertical functionality: Powerful capabilities perfectly suited to the demands of your unique industry.

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    Customer experience: A fully responsive customer engagement experience that redefines customer service.

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    Modern user interface: An intuitive, beautiful user experience that can be personalized to fit the varied needs of your employees.

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Specialized by industry/microverticals

Building materials

As a building materials (BMAT) distributor, you need to hold enough inventory to supply your customers as the seasons change. You also need to have greater order entry flexibility, coordinate contractor jobs more efficiently, better manage inbound and outbound truck activity, and use your shipping resources more wisely to improve your sales process.

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Let us help you:

  • Efficiently manage the unique attributes, complex pricing, and high SKU counts of BMAT inventory.
  • Deliver value-added services.
  • Support the intricate schedules and logistics of complex contract jobs.
  • Accommodate sales and fulfillment for multiple sales channels.


Designed specifically to meet the needs of electrical distributors, Infor Distribution enables you to: manage unique inventory requirements like cable and wire, handle complex pricing and rebate requirements, offer value-added services, and meet job management requirements.

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Our solution can help you:

  • Respond more quickly to changing customer demands.
  • Quickly procure and efficiently manage jobs, from bid to completion.
  • Optimize your inventory by understanding the industry’s unique attributes.
  • Effectively manage non-stock and special order items.


To succeed today, your industrial distribution business must respond more quickly to changing customer demands. That means establishing end-to-end control of your operations to improve inventory accuracy and reduce your overall spend. You also need to be able to respond quickly to price fluctuations in order to stay ahead of the competition and boost your net profitability.

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You’ll be able to:

  • Optimize your inventory investment and increase turns.
  • Streamline your entire process—from filling and processing orders to shipping on-time, and receiving payments.
  • Provide value-added services to create differentiation and increase customer loyalty.
  • Mobile-enable your staff to drive efficiency and employee satisfaction.
  • Manage your customers’ indirect material and machine supplies.

Janitorial & sanitary supplies

To improve margins and boost customer satisfaction in today's competitive environment, your JanSan distribution business needs to manage a broader range of products for your customers. You must expand inventories into new categories and find better ways to forecast inventory and reconcile customer order quantities through flexible units of measure, along with automated self-service. 

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Innovative solutions to:

  • Get instant electronic access to inventory pricing and availability, deliveries, and payment options.
  • Effectively manage a vast number of SKUs.
  • Streamline and automate the rebate process.
  • Improve internal business processes to operate more efficiently.


As a plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (PHVAC) equipment and spares business, you have to hold enough inventory to supply your customers as the seasons change. You need to expedite your sales process with tools for quickly finding the right product, even if it means sourcing non-stocks and special orders to complete orders. Plus, you need to manage warranty and service on parts efficiently to build your bottom line.

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Let us help you:

  • Better anticipate your customers’ requirements.
  • Adapt your inventory as quickly as the weather changes.
  • Offer your suppliers a better way to deliver their goods.
  • Create tangible benefits all the way down to the bottom line.

Food & beverage

Food & beverage distributors not only have to maintain high customer service levels, but must also be able to execute a high volume of orders and deliveries reliably and efficiently, in a short time window and on extremely thin margins. Whether you distribute fresh, chilled, frozen, dried, or canned food, or any kind of beverage, you need a flexible business solution that allows you to accurately manage and predict demand for your products at all points in your network.

Our solution can help you:

  • Manage multiple sales channels with comprehensive order management.
  • Manage commercial pricing, discount, and rebate conditions.
  • Handle overnight and next-day deliveries to many delivery points.
  • Execute seasonal and promotion-driven demands.
  • Control mandatory expiration dates and get full traceability.



Modernize your business with Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution. This ready-to-run solution, built specifically to meet the needs of distributors, gives you deep, proven capabilities in key areas such as inventory management, order processing, pricing and rebates, supply chain and procurement, value-add, financials, and more. Even better, the solution is delivered in the cloud—which means you get cost savings, built-in support, efficient expansion capabilities, and security that follows industry-leading best practice protocols.

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  • Get industry-rich functionality.
  • Gain the flexibility to scale capacity as needed.
  • Dramatically reduces your need for customization.
  • Simplify IT, with continuous upgrades for lower TCO.

Infor Distribution SX.e helps all types of distributors increase productivity and adapt quickly to an evolving market. Providing broad visibility across your entire organization, this powerful solution delivers unparalleled control in managing thousands of transactions, suppliers, and customers, while simultaneously tracking millions of inventory items.

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  • Streamline order processing.
  • Improve inventory management.
  • Boost operational efficiency.
  • Manage warehouse workflow.



Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution Enterprise is built specifically to meet the needs of distributors who are focused on growth, customer engagement, and demands for extended services. Supporting 39 localizations and 18 languages, the solution gives you the flexibility and scalability to easily take on new markets and quickly adapt to change. It features deep, proven capabilities in key areas such as order processing, pricing and rebates, procurement, supply chain management, financials, manufacturing, services, and more.

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  • Gain support for 39 localizations and 18 languages.
  • Get deep microvertical functionality.
  • Dramatically reduce your need for customization.
  • Simplify IT, with continuous upgrades for lower TCO.

Infor M3 for Distribution helps you to optimize every facet of your distribution operation—from sales, inventory, and warehouse management to financials, omni-channel engagement, value-add, and more. Accelerate your pace of business and profitability as you manage transactions with unparalleled visibility across departments, which can help you make better decision, more quickly.

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  • Increase supply chain visibility.
  • Optimize product deployment.
  • Get support for international requirements.
  • Promote expansion and evolution with flexibility and scalability.

Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) can transform your customers’ buying experience with web-based, real-time visualizations of products ordered. It allows your sales representatives to become instant product experts by providing them with access to detailed product information and an inherent guided selling approach for error-free quotes. As a result, using CPQ software can help you achieve a competitive advantage.

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  • Simplify customer choices.
  • Create a standardized body of knowledge that lets users explore the answer for every configuration—in real time.
  • Diversify your business with new services.

Faced with global competition and ever-tightening margins, distributors must ensure efficient and strategic operations throughout their ecosystems. Infor CRM helps you identify opportunities and streamline sales activities, while sales management tools, analytics, and proactive alerts drive accurate forecasting, informed decision making, and effective team and territory management. Best-practice process automation in Infor CRM accelerates your strategic advantage by recommending and performing winning actions that drive results.

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  • Offer complex as well as traditional value-added services.
  • Actively manage correct inventory levels at your customers' locations.
  • Help your customers target additional revenue streams and execute growth strategies.
  • Empower your sales organization to drive revenue growth.

Customer stories


Western Water Works

Western Water Works boosts revenue by $32M with Infor Distribution SX.e.

"Whenever we show people our system and the tools that we have, they become much more interested in working at Western Water Works."

Bruce Himes, President, Western Water Works


McNaughton-McKay Electric Company

McNaughton-McKay Electric Company enhances logistics strategy, improves customer service and increases operational efficiency with Infor Distribution SX.e.

“Infor Distribution SX.e gave us visibility into the total McNaughton-McKay inventory, which allowed us to implement several very strategic initiatives”.
Scott Sellers, EVP - Operations, McNaughton-McKay Electric Company


PHS Group

PHS Group, one of the largest workplace services and industrial supplies providers in the UK, consolidated its diverse operating entities, streamlined internal processes, and gave management rapid access to accurate data with Infor M3.

“This is not just an IT project; it’s an imperative business initiative that IT is facilitating on a wide scale. The M3 go-live was straightforward and the system has proven to be very robust.”
Ian Featherstone, CIO, PHS Group



Mingledorff's, a leading distributor of HVAC equipment with 33 locations in 5 states, deployed Infor Ming.le™ and within two days, their employees were creating groups and sharing files, and every employee is now a user.



Tenaquip, Ltd—a long time user of Infor Distribution SX.e and Storefront—has 14 locations, 35 websites, 250,000 sq.ft. of warehouse space, over 400,000 SKUs, and a commitment to ship in-stock products the same day.


Endries International

This worldwide distributor of fasteners and other products for MRO and OEM markets implemented Infor Distribution SX.e to streamline its business processes, while targeting continuous growth.

"Infor has helped us continually improve and grow our business until we are now at $700 million, including other divisions. We love the software."

Todd Fischer, VP and CIO, Endries International

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The distribution industry is evolving quickly. For wholesale distributors to be optimistic about improving their margins and revenue opportunity, they must combine new services and offerings with capital investment in technology. The companies that embrace modernization are better positioned to improve their business, support the needs of the market, and grow profitability.

It isn’t just about Grainger, AmazonBusiness, or Alibaba. More than ever before, distributors face challenges from new entrants to the field and from customary competitors who’ve already made the transition to business strategies that are leaner, more mobile, more social, and driven by up-to-the-instant business intelligence. To thrive in this hyper-competitive marketplace, your distribution business needs agility, precision, and insight.

A new generation of employees and customers is already making its way into your business, gaining influence with each passing day. This generational shift translates into a massive transformation in the expectations employees bring to work—from the technologies they use, to the strategies it will take to keep them in their jobs.

As a wholesale distributor, you need innovative technologies that are specifically designed for your industry. Modern cloud solutions can help you increase your company’s agility, reduce your supply chain risks, and deliver quality each and every time.