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With Infor Fashion you're covered from head to toe

The fashion industry isn’t easy. It’s one of the most highly competitive and global industries—one in which knowledge and the ability to predict and meet consumer demand for merchandise equals power. Social communities can share, tweet, like, and pin to create trends that result in demand volatility.

Fashion companies have to anticipate consumer desires by monitoring trends, omnichannel sales, and social media. Then, they have to forecast sales, enter into commitments to reduce the time to the consumer, respond appropriately to changes, and minimize unplanned markdowns—all while remaining profitable on a tight margin. Infor Fashion offers a suite of software products designed specifically for the ever-changing demands of the fashion industry. This integrated, configurable solution can help you manage the entire fashion process—from design, source and distribute, to manufacturing, private brand retail, and wholesale.

An off the rack solution for any fashion model

With Infor Fashion, you get a purpose-built, industry-specific suite of solutions. Comprehensive capabilities include product design and development, sourcing, demand management, supply chain planning, production management, inventory management, and support for multichannel distribution.


The tailored suite

Get an integrated, configurable solution to help you manage your core fashion processes ranging from design, development, and sourcing, to production, inventory management, multichannel distribution, omnichannel sales, and finance. With Infor Fashion, you can better adapt collections and styles to consumers' changing needs and get your products to market faster than your competition.

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A stunning new user experience

Fashion business applications should be as easy to use, attractive, and inspiring as consumer software. The Infor User Experience wraps your enterprise applications in an elegant, consumer-grade user experience, and delivers social business capabilities that empower your teams to communicate and collaborate efficiently, so they can be more creative and innovative.

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Work is beautiful

Whether you're designing collections or fashion basics, sourcing raw materials or finished garments, manufacturing garments, or managing merchandise distribution and replenishment, your work has meaning. Your needs and desires are inspiring Infor to build better and more beautiful software.

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Augusta Sportswear teams with Infor

Augusta Sportswear® boasts more than 1,700 employees, and offers a vast product line of team uniforms, athletic wear, outerwear, warm ups, and accessories. Over the course of many years, this US-based company has relied on the Infor Fashion solution to successfully navigate through change, and to pursue an organic and acquisition-based growth strategy to propel it into the future.

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From top to bottom, everything works together

Seamlessly manage the entire fashion process—from design to multichannel distribution—with Infor Fashion. You’ll have the tools you need to develop consumer products quickly and move them to the end consumer faster than your competition, giving you an edge in your evolving industry.

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From tailored suits to t-shirts, from undergarments to outerwear, from workwear to sportswear, bridge fashions to haute couture…you need to work with a style matrix that can manage color, size, and fit. Find out why three of the top five surfwear companies use Infor Fashion.

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  • Handling of style and non-style items
  • Flexible style matrix for color, size, fit
  • Attributes for full inventory characteristics


Whether you supply sophisticated stilettos, rugged safety boots, or stylish sandals, you are in the business of style-based products that can have seasonal and non-seasonal attributes. Infor Fashion can handle all these challenges with style—that's why the largest shoe manufacturer and retailer in China relies on Infor Fashion.

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  • A matrix to handle shoe style, fabric, color, and fit
  • Storage and maintenance of additional flexible attributes
  • Ability to forecast consumption at the style level
  • Forecast consumption at the style level
  • Flexible units of measure, such as pairs and cases

Fashion Accessories

Regardless of whether you manufacture bags, scarves, ties, jewelry, or timepieces, you need to manage a wide variety of products and often a mix of style and non-style products. Each product can have a large number of attributes—more than just style, color, and size—something most software companies don’t understand. But we understand it. That’s why more than 1,700 fashion customers in 94 countries rely on Infor.

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  • A matrix to flexibly handle product attributes
  • Product configuration for customized orders
  • Global capable-to-promise functionality
  • Web-based collaboration
  • Alignment of suppliers and inventory replenishment with demand

Luxury Goods

With low-volume, high-value merchandise, and so much riding on maintaining a flawless image, your position in the market is always at risk. Luxury-specific challenges require a luxury-specific solution. With Infor Fashion, you get a vertically-integrated solution with tools to take control of your inventory, better comply with regulations, improve visibility across your entire supply chain, track from raw materials to products, replenish faster, and more. That’s why three of the top five luxury brands use it to run their business.

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  • Serialization of high-value items
  • Accurate control over your inventory
  • Real-time business intelligence

Home Textiles

Whether you manufacture finished products, or textiles for bedroom, lounge, or bathroom, supply lead times are relatively long and the business is seasonal, with the market dictating the color trends for a season. The pressure to deliver accurately to the agreed date, quantity, and quality is intense. Infor Fashion encompasses all aspects of supply chain management, so you can consolidate demand plans from multiple sources.


  • Support for a mix of make-to-stock and make-to-order goods
  • A matrix to handle different sizes in the same style
  • Support for product groups
  • Customer-specific price lists, to maximize sales and profitability

Having everyone on the same system has improved consistency across all divisions. We now have reliability, stability, and communication throughout the company because we have a single source for the truth.

Wade Vann CIO and VP of ITAugusta Sportswear Group

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Choose from our fashion wardrobe

Fashion manufacturers, private brand retailers, and brand owners that design, source and distribute all face distinct business challenges. To address these challenges, Infor joined forces with fashion industry leaders and experts to develop Infor Fashion, a far-reaching solution that helps you deal with the key processes that make up global supply chains. This solution was shaped by Infor professionals with decades of experience in the apparel, footwear, home textiles, and fashion accessories industry, so you can trust that it will help you manage the entire fashion process.

Enterprise resource planning

An unmatched fashion-specific user experience, broad, integrated applications, and deep fashion-specific functionality make our fashion ERP system different from other ERP systems being sold to fashion companies. Infor Fashion is a multi-lingual, multi-company, multi-site solution with the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs.

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Configure Price Quote

Companies like yours that make or deliver configured products, such as made-to-order apparel, footwear, or athletic gear, can rapidly end up with thousands of product permutations that can excite customers and consumers but prove difficult to manage. With Infor Configure Price Quote for Fashion, you get capabilities to help you plan, manage, and sell configured products in ways that increase sales, reduce costs, and build a stronger brand.

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Fashion product lifecycle management

An application that's easy to use is also easy to love. Infor Fashion PLM creates a unique experience that invites users to take full advantage of its power. We've built a solution that can help ensure you have the speed and agility to deliver new collections quickly and adjust rapidly to what's happening at retail. This powerful product lifecycle management and collaboration platform can help everyone in your value chain innovate faster, respond more quickly, and act more decisively.

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Supply chain execution

Fashion has a need for speed to the consumer that's unmatched in other industries. Infor understands this and builds speed into Infor Supply Chain Execution. We put information at your fingertips, so you'll be able to reduce the complexity of warehousing and logistics management, and make faster and better decisions to improve order fulfillment and service levels.

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Fashion Suite in the Cloud

Get the same proven functionality that has helped more than 250 apparel, footwear, luxury goods, textile, and fashion accessories companies gain and maintain industry leadership—delivered in the cloud. With Infor CloudSuite, so you'll have the security and reliability of regional data centers managed by leaders in the fields of cloud and big data management. You will also stay forever modern by always operating on the latest version of your solution, and realize faster time to value with minimal upfront investment, lower labor costs, and hassle-free adoption for users.

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