Meat, poultry & fish

What it is

Infor Food & Beverage is a set of integrated, inexpensive, and easy to install solutions designed to help you better measure, plan, and improve your operations. Key features include:

  • Shelf-life and expiry management
  • Planning by the hour and minute
  • Route and shipment management
  • Scalable platform to cope with the volumes and speed
  • Attribute management
  • Reverse Bill of Materials
  • Catch weight
  • Quality control and laboratory inspection
  • Complete supply chain traceability, from farm to factory to end-consumer

What it does

In a tight-margin, complex business like yours, operational agility can help you meet rapidly changing market demands. Customers and consumers want to be sure your products are sourced from approved farmers where the livestock is treated fairly and fed from safe, certified feeds. Retailers want a larger part of shelf-life, leaving you just days—or hours—to move your product from production to the retail shelf. And agencies like the FDA and FNIC want you to comply with increasingly stringent food safety regulations.

On top of all that, variable livestock and raw-material characteristics, such as grade, weight and fat-content, impact both your processing options and the price you pay to the farmer. Cost control, yield management, and traceability are critical to your success.

Infor Food & Beverage software is designed to help you streamline operations and control costs to meet the unique challenges of the meat, fish, and poultry industry. With a focus on yield optimization, demand planning, and asset management, we’ll help you maximize your use of raw materials while maintaining complete traceability and food safety across the entire value chain.

What it means

Infor Food & Beverage solutions are designed to help meat, poultry, and fish companies like yours manage the complexities of your supply chain—from slaughter to capacity planning, to catch weight, variable attribute production, delivery forecasting, and more, with full supply chain traceability. Infor Food & Beverage helps you:

  • Balance supply and demand
  • Optimize yield
  • Monitor costs and manage margins
  • Provide lot traceability to comply with food safety regulations.

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