Prepared foods

What it is

Infor Food & Beverage integrates nearly all the activities in your enterprise, so you increase customer satisfaction and improve your bottom line. Key features include:

  • Make-to-stock process manufacturing
  • Responsive material and capacity planning
  • Warehouse management with shelf life handling
  • Promotions management and reporting
  • Lot/batch traceability
  • Flexible delivery/picking, planning by route
  • Support for co- and by-products
  • Pricing, discount, and rebate management

What it does

Companies that specialize in chilled and packaged foods are in an exciting and revolutionary industry. The consumers' need for novelty means that you're constantly changing recipes and packing layouts—always bringing fresh products to market. Yet the need to constantly phase out the old to bring in the new can make planning and forecasting a challenge. Add the demand volatility that results from both seasonal and non-seasonal promotions, and your recipe gets even more complex.

To be successful, you need to be agile, flexible, and prepared. The key ingredients: yield optimization, production and promotion planning, and inventory management.

Infor Food & Beverage offers a well-seasoned solution that can easily be configured to meet your specific requirements. Designed to help you streamline and simplify the supply chain, from producer to consumer, the solution also supports efficient collaboration with suppliers, customers, and other partners, to keep you in synch with demand.

What it means

In this exciting and revolutionary industry, companies like yours are constantly reinventing themselves to stay ahead of the consumer-demand curve. Infor Food & Beverage software helps you:

  • Streamline and simplify your supply chain.
  • Keep your supply in synch with demand.
  • Ensure traceabilty to comply with food safety regulations.

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