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Retail software hasn’t seen a large-scale, industry-changing new platform contender enter the ring since the 1990s. But in the twenty years that have passed since then, the retail landscape has changed dramatically.

Today’s retailers face a complex marketplace propelled not only by technological advances, brand distinction, growing competition, price pressure, changing legislation, and lingering economic uncertainty—but also a new, more savvy consumer. Shoppers now have instant access to product information, consumer reviews, and price comparisons. So why is retail software stuck in 1995?

To thrive in this landscape, retailers need to build relationships with their customers by offering superior and more innovative services. It’s not just about challenging the status quo, it’s about building a future-proof groundwork so that when the status quo inevitably changes, you can always keep ahead of the curve. By partnering with cutting-edge retailers, Infor Retail is offering all of the features that today’s businesses need to satisfy their customers. Then, by leveraging machine learning, cloud flexibility, holistic supply chain insights, and a beautiful interface that changes based on context, we’re ensuring that every retailer can stay nimble enough for perpetual evolution.

A retail solution designed for your unique needs

With Infor Retail, you'll have information on your buying, supply chain, merchandise inventory, physical assets, and the details on your customers and workforce, all linked together. And you'll have all the tools—analytics, mobility, visualization, and collaboration—to make sense of it all, get critical information to the right people, and discuss it in real time.


Cloud flexibility

Even within the ultra-standardized realm of retail, every business is bound to have quirks that most software can't address. Backed by the power of Amazon Web Services' cloud infrastructure, Infor Retail gives customers a secure, efficient, and flexible way to deploy their software platforms. And by leveraging our micro-vertical software suites, Infor Retail partners are empowered to design and build their own applications that can address even the most specific business issues.


End-to-end, networked economy

GT Nexus is the cloud-based backbone of Infor Retail’s supply chain functionality. As of now, about 25,000 businesses already rely on GT Nexus, which gives brand owners global order visibility so they can manage and optimize shipments to customers, distribution centers, and retail outlets.


Based on science

Dynamic Science Labs is Infor’s data-minded think tank that’s helping make retail more powerful, more accessible, and more insightful than it’s ever been before. With its focus on predictive analytics, machine learning, and big data usability, it’s the perfect foundation for a truly futuristic retail platform.


Experiences people love

With the help of Infor’s internal creative development group Hook & Loop, Infor Retail is turning industry software into a beautiful, meaningful experience. Part product R&D, part creative lab, Hook & Loop’s members have created bestselling iOS apps, visual effects for Hollywood films, ecommerce sites for fashion powerhouses, comic books, novels, and more—and are combining their talents with extensive user research to redefine enterprise UX.



To revolutionize retail software, we’ll need to reach for inspiration outside of Infor. So we’re partnering with savvy retailers to build not just the best retail system ever created, but one that can best deliver what today’s retailers really want and need.

An expert team

An expert team

Reinventing retail will require an industry-leading team with the experience and expertise to make it a reality. The Infor Retail team has been established not only to launch a
 new business unit for Infor, but also to reimagine enterprise software for the retail industry and its verticals. The team is a passionate, collaborative group of developers, designers, scientists, and visionaries with a deep understanding of the industry.


Fact-based campaign and promotion analytics create clarity in the decision-making process and allow us to make calls on the fly.

Rob Goldberg SVP of Operations
Tommy Bahama

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Combine insight and action to get results

Infor Retail brings together best-in-class solutions with decades of experience. We’ve worked with more than 1,700 customers in 67 countries to change the way retail runs in grocery, chain drugstores, fashion, luxury goods, restaurants, and hardlines—empowering our partners to monitor the entirety of their retail processes using Infor Retail software.

Fashion, Apparel, and Accessories

From tailored suits and t-shirts to undergarments and outerwear, you understand the consumer and need to manage both style and non-style items with attributes that include style, color, size, and fit. Find out why six of the top ten luxury goods companies use Infor Fashion to manage their value chains.

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  • Demand planning and merchandise planning
  • Sourcing and distribution warehouse management
  • Merchandise inventory management
  • Support for omni-channel sales including e-commerce
  • Business intelligence and analytics

Grocery, Food, and Beverage

You have a complex mix of products to offer. Optimizing shelf space, keeping up with changing consumer tastes, and reducing spoilage and waste demands your attention. You also have the retail in-store operational challenges of managing margins, optimizing staffing levels, and understanding how much time and labor it takes to re-stock shelves. Infor Retail helps you manage important processes and decisions.

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  • Collaborative forecasting and demand planning
  • Warehouse management with shelf-life handling
  • Staffing demand management based on historical data
  • Integrated labor planning with scheduling

Department Stores and Home Goods

Providing the highest level of service is key to store and brand success. Aligning the right talent to the brand and staying in tune with changing consumer demand can facilitate that brand success. Infor Retail, along with Infor Talent Science, helps you consistently meet product demand while delivering an attractive consumer experience.


  • Hiring integrated with Infor Talent Science, delivering higher sales per associate
  • Customized employee performance profiles
  • Patented process for increasing retention
  • Workforce schedules optimized to employee preferences and seasonal demand
  • Monitoring of user access implementations and administrative errors or fraud

Built for your industry and business

Infor Retail is a comprehensive set of solutions to manage some of the most important parts of your business including hiring, onboarding, optimizing workforce schedules, managing your supply chain, managing margins, and customer engagement.

With the Infor Customer Experience Suite, businesses can deliver personalized online experiences with tailored content, marketing messages, and offers that align with user activity and buying behavior to maximize sales. You'll gain the insight you need to create a personalized shopping experience, improve customer service, and build long-term loyalty.

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To provide the best customer experience, brick-and-mortar stores need to make the most out of their staff. Infor's Workforce Management solutions can help you optimize your in-store staffing, while Infor Talent Science will change the way you hire by increasing sales per associate, lowering turnover, and aligning each team member’s personal attributes with a specific role.

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When retailers build a supply chain execution operation that works as a cohesive whole, they can focus on more strategic decisions instead of routine transactions. With Infor Supply Chain Execution, you'll be able to better perform all of the routine tasks that determine your success as a business, and lead to operational excellence.

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Infor EAM is the most configurable enterprise-grade asset management solution on the market. It gives retailers the power to improve capital asset management in ways that increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage, and support sustainability initiatives. With its own suite of retail-specific functionality, it also gives you the flexibility to zero in on the specialized industry requirements that can turn your company's asset management into a competitive advantage.


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You need to prevent unnecessary losses from the business. Mistakes can happen in processing invoices, disbursing payroll, issuing user access, and managing inventory. Infor's Risk and Compliance suite includes a powerful continuous control monitoring solution that helps you track user access implementation, provide better segregation of duties, and monitor transactions processed across multiple systems to ensure you are alerted to any unusual activity.

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The world's largest cloud-based global commerce platform, GT Nexus integrates directly with the order management system of companies and transmits order information to their suppliers, freight carriers, and logistics providers.


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To compete in today’s global marketplace, retailers must forecast with accuracy and be able to respond to supply chain disruptions with fast, data-driven decisions. Infor Retail Demand Management offers a comprehensive set of cloud-native, predictive, and machine-learning solutions that bring precision to demand forecasting, merchandise financial planning, lifecycle pricing, assortment planning, replenishment optimization, and more.

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Infor's Converged Commerce solution takes the omni-channel retail experience one step further, with a data-rich commerce platform that's built from the ground up to engage shoppers, support cross-channel selling, and streamline operations. This natively mobile, enterprise-class information hub encompasses all the data, integration, and process orchestration you need to deliver true omni-channel customer experiences.

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Store inventory accuracy takes on a whole new level of importance in an omni-channel world. The more accurate the store inventory, the better the store can serve today’s demanding shoppers—and the more insight the enterprise will have into how its stores are delivering on the promise of an omni-channel shopping experience. Retailers want to provide their shoppers with immediate access to or fulfillment of merchandise from anywhere in the enterprise.

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Retail suite in the cloud

Infor CloudSuite™ is transforming enterprise software by delivering business-critical applications with the benefits of cloud computing. Agile, highly flexible, and industry-proven, this solution suite is currently serving more than 25 million users and 2,600 customers worldwide, including top retailers. Infor can help manage all of your key infrastructure components so you'll be able to lower your total cost of ownership, more easily keep your systems up-to-date, and make technology what it should be: a strategic asset that helps you achieve your business goals.

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