Infor Partner Network Strategy

Infor Partner Network Strategy

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Partner spotlights

Infor partners can help you to better implement, optimize, and maintain your product. See how our featured spotlight partners strengthen Infor's delivery model through specialized industry expertise and deep experience with Infor technology.


Achieve state-of-the-art business processes

Konica Minolta helps you integrate highly complex turn key business solutions as well as supports comprehensive professional managed services and the daily operations of ERP and CRM.

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Better logistics, better operational efficiency

Novipro, an Infor Gold Partner, has more than a decade of experience developing solutions tailored to your environment, your resources, and business objectives.

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Make the most of your ERP investment

LogicData, an Infor Gold Partner, has more than 30 years of manufacturing and CSI experience to help you personalize your ERP implementation and ensure you attain your business goals.

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Robust, flexible systems for the oil and gas sector

Progressive is an Infor Gold Partner dedicated to providing business solutions for the oil and gas sector, specializing in finance, supply chain, and asset management solutions.

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Our Infor Partner Network (IPN) strategy

The Infor Partner Network is an extension of Infor’s reach, allowing for greater breadth and depth as we go to market. When creating this program, we placed at its center the experience of the user—you. We recognize that you, our partners, are critical to our growth initiatives and ultimate objective: to deliver innovative technology suites that are beautiful, functional, and easy to use.

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The IPN eco-system

Our program accommodates a large partner eco-system that offers tools, resources, and competitive compensation plans. We focus our investments in areas that partners have told us are most important, including: dedicated partner management; sales and technical certifications; roadmaps and pitch decks; a dedicated IPN helpdesk, and much more.


Channel Partners

Sell & Install - Channel partners may market, sell, implement, or service; managing the entire maturation cycle for a customer.

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Alliance Partners

Consult, Advise & Integrate - Alliance partners most often will not resell Infor software but will work closely with the Infor direct sales force to identify, pursue, close, and implement solution and industry opportunities.

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Delivery Partners

Implement & Service - Delivery partners are companies that work closely with Infor to deliver business software for more customers in more places, believing that partnerships mean added strength.

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Product Partners

Integrate a Solution - Product partners may have an integrated solution that is offered directly by Infor; they may also be complementary partners, who are a select group of application, hardware, and technology companies that work with Infor to develop complementary offerings to our customers.

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Infor Partners discuss the unique opportunities and benefits of the partner program. 

VIDEO: Infor Partner Network overview

Infor SVP Jeff Abbott talks about the IPN’s people, systems, and programs.