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Infor has acquired privately held PeopleAnswers, a leading provider of predictive talent analytics and talent science software delivered via the cloud. PeopleAnswers helps companies improve employee selection, development, and succession planning; reduce turnover; improve performance; and optimize the HR processes associated with these activities.

Available via the cloud on a multitenant platform, PeopleAnswers delivers tangible outcomes.

Familiar, everyday examples include:

  • Hiring: The right people get hired into the right roles at the right time.
  • Retention: The best people stay and people evolve into bigger and better positions over time.
  • Productivity: Companies dramatically improve productivity. More gets done with less.
  • Customers: Customers get better service; they buy more, they become more loyal.
  • Culture & morale: Success helps companies become places where people want to work.



    PeopleAnswers delivers 'hard ROI' (customer examples)

    Reduces employee turnover

    • Employee retention improved by 22% (Brundage/Sun Loan)
    • 36% lower overall termination rate; 49% lower involuntary termination rate (Safety-Kleen)
    • Voluntary turnover dropped by 50% (Camden)
    • Turnover falls 51% (national restaurant chain)
    • Reduction of turnover by 57% (Ameripride Services)
    • Increased employee retention by 21%; involuntary terminations reduced by 50% (Related Management)
    • Restaurant turnover fell by 29% (Fazoli's)
    • Reduction in turnover of 50% (Famous Footwear)
    • 53% decrease in turnover (Dawn Foods)
    • Turnover rate reduced by 35% (Burns & Wilcox)

    Improves employee performance

    • Signed 30.7% more new leases (Berkshire Properties)
    • Total sales dollars grow 62% (First Horizon)
    • Employees attained sales goals 50% faster (Select Comfort)
    • $58.88 more in Sales per Hour (apparel retailer)
    • 63.43% more promotions (national property manager)
    • Servers earned higher tips 43.63% more often (upscale restaurant)
    • Sales increases of 39% per employee; higher gross profits of 48% per employee (Ben E. Keith)


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