Infor M3 Technology

Infor M3 is a comprehensive ERP solution designed for companies that make, move, or maintain products.

Infor M3 Technology allows you to connect, configure and customize the Infor M3 solution, including customization of role based portals and user interaction, development of application to application integration and configuration of business to business communication.

The M3 Technologies provide you with necessary functions to run and operate M3 applications, and at the same time, benefit from industry standard, open run-time environments with support for administration, monitoring, managing deployment, security and performance.


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What it is

Infor M3 Technology helps you ensure that your business model and business processes are fully supported.

By adhering to open standards and the major building blocks of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the Infor M3 Technology provides advanced tools to quickly develop, or customize, and deploy web applications, portals, web services, application interfaces and automated electronic business messages with the critical benefit of tracking all of the changes that have been made.

Infor Enterprise Collaborator
The Infor Enterprise Collaborator provides message-based integration between functions in the Infor M3 Enterprise Management System and other external applications in order to enable business process collaboration within and across enterprises.

Infor M3 Adaptation Kit
Infor M3 Adaptation Kit is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Infor M3 Business Engine. M3 Adaptation Kit is built as a plug-in to the open source Eclipse development framework and is used to perform changes and troubleshoot M3 Business Engine related components, excluding foundation components, at customer sites.

Infor M3 Metadata Publisher
The Infor M3 Metadata Publisher is a tool used to explore M3 database with its files and fields, as well as relations between files-programs and program-files.

Infor M3 EDI The Infor M3 EDI solution consists of 3 elements: The M3 Enterprise Collaborator, a large number of standard messages (e.g., EDIFACT, ANSI X12, etc.) and a 3rd party EDI broker. The M3 Enterprise collaborator (MEC) is the heart of this solution performing the semantic mapping of EDI messages in XML format.

Infor M3 Web Services Infor M3 Web Services are platform-independent services based on XML which expose business functionality for direct application-to-application integration. They are built on top of open standards such as TCP/IP, HTTP, Java, HTML and XML, and the primary protocol for communication is SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).

Infor Grid Infor Grid is a distributed application server that provides a distributed runtime environment to other applications. You install and run applications in the Infor Grid and the installed applications may be scaled-out. Installing and configuring one application may be done while other applications are executing and being used. The distributed nature of a grid means that an instance of the Infor Grid may span multiple server machines.

Event Driven Architecture The Event Hub is a generic Grid extension for sending events between Infor M3 applications. The Event Hub is a publisher-subscriber framework: an application framework that allows applications to expose historical data to other applications that are interested in receiving this data.

In summary, Infor M3 Technology centralizes all administrative activities involved in managing Infor M3 applications, reducing the cost of ownership, simplifying or eliminating non-value-added maintenance tasks and optimizing the use of expensive computing resources.

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