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Infor Care Workloads, a patient acuity and workload management solution, provides a link between the patients being cared for and the nurses who care for them so healthcare systems can offer excellent care and outcomes. Infor Care Workloads helps connect the care your clinical staff is providing with patient needs to better predict patient procedure costs.

Our research-based methodology is founded on the belief that no two patients—even those having the same
diagnosis—require exactly the same care.

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What it is

Infor Healthcare has 25 years of experience delivering solutions that have helped thousands of healthcare organizations, including 21 of the 25 largest healthcare delivery networks, quickly adapt to changing conditions, improve patient outcomes, and achieve financial stability.

Now, Infor Care Workloads' methodology uses databases of clinical intervention benchmarks and empirical data from more than 1,000 hospitals to create unit specific instruments. Combining analytics and reporting capabilities identifies patterns and trends for effective workforce planning forecasts.

Rather than using levels of care or intensity-based staffing models, Infor Care Workloads provides a way to balance patient workload requirements with hours worked for nurses and other staff. This ensures patients receive care from the right nurses with the right skills resulting in improved employee and patient satisfaction, better outcomes, and greater efficiencies and cost savings.



Infor Care Workloads



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Two patients with pneumonia, different outcomes

Two patients with bronchiolitis, different outcomes

What it does

The Infor Care Workloads embedded methodology helps healthcare organizations deliver better overall care by providing better support to staff and management to communicate care requirements for each patient. Managers now have data for building budgets and leaders have data to help maintain equitable workloads. Finance can easily align workload instruments to fiscal standards while IT can interface with applications to meet system requirements.

Staffing according to patient needs helps healthcare organizations in the following ways:

  • Decreases the number of hospital-acquired conditions and increases revenue
  • Decreases data entry labor costs and increases savings
  • Refines processes, maximizes efficiency and increases profits
  • Reduces staff turnover, and thereby decreases hiring and training costs
  • Better predicts patient procedure costs
  • Meets all perinatal standards established by the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses
  • Meets legislative requirements for safe staffing measures
  • Helps Magnet hospitals maintain national standards for staff assignments

Overall, the Infor Care Workloads methodology takes into account the following aspects of care:

  • All physical care needs of the patient, including treatments, medications, fluids, vital sign monitoring, and ADLs
  • Psychosocial patient needs
  • Safety
  • Coordination of care required from nurses
  • Non-patient activities that support care and unit operation required by nurses and clinical support staff from administrative staff
  • Critical thinking used by nurses when delivering care, including assessments, planning and evaluation
  • Disruptions to nurses' workflow

Staffing assignments for healthcare facilities are often paper-based or written on a whiteboard. Infor Care Assignments integrates with Infor Care Workloads to allow managers to easily view patients and staff digitally to develop equitable staffing assignments for every unit and every shift. This solution offers electronic staffing assignments that eliminate the risk of paper-based systems, and ensures patient confidentiality. In addition, Care Assignments allows your facility to store staffing information, so records are secure and easily retrieved whenever needed.

What it means

Infor Care Workloads adopts a patient-centric focus to measure the unique details of each patient to recommend the right number of staff for specific patients, with the right skills, at the right location, on the right shift, every time.

We offer tools that allow caregivers to deliver quality care, cost containment, and staff satisfaction through consistency, decreased implementation time, and evidence-based workload measurement. Care Workloads is designed to be configured by each healthcare facility to clearly express each individual's care plan, physician orders, and standards of care to help you select the appropriate interventions.

Infor Care Workloads helps connect the care your clinical staff provides with patient needs to better predict patient procedure costs. It's a winning combination that results in cost and time savings, more efficient staffing levels, improved patient safety, and better patient outcomes.


With Infor Care Workloads, healthcare organizations can:

Ensure high levels of quality outcomes and patient safety

Increase revenue by staffing to decrease hospital-acquired conditions

Increase savings by eliminating data entry labor costs

Increase profits by refining processes and maximizing efficiency

Reduce staff turnover

Reduce hiring and training costs

Improve staff satisfaction

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