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Canada's publicly funded health care system continues to face challenges, such as changes in the way services are delivered, fiscal constraints, the aging of the baby boom generation, and the high cost of new technology.

Now, attention is focused on advancing eHealththe implementation of technologies such as electronic health records that help improve coordination and integration of services among care providers.

Infor is uniquely poised to help you address these challenges with an integrated suite of clinical applications, developed specifically for the Canadian healthcare market.


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What it is

Infor MediSuite is an integrated suite of hospital information solutions that includes system integration, electronic health records, patient management applications, clinical department solutions, and public health and community care solutions.

Presently in use by roughly 50% of the providers in the Province of Quebec, Infor MediSuite delivers system interoperability within and across diverse health networks. Designed to be modular, the applications within MediSuite help you operate with greater efficiency, so you can improve patient care without increasing costs.

Whether you're a care provider, support professional, or healthcare consumer, Infor MediSuite solutions can help meet your electronic medical records needs.

What it does

Infor MediSuite includes:

MediClinic. A complete electronic health record (EHR) system, including clinical data repository and transactional clinical portal.  The MediClinic Suite is made up of:

  • MediResult:  Order entry and results reporting management system for all types of care settings with secure patient data access and transfer. Link and send orders placed by clinicians according to predefined rules and criteria.  
  • MediPlan: A highly configurable, feature-rich tool to facilitate the planning, coordination, and follow-up of all patient care activities during hospitalization and outpatient programs.
  • MediCheld: An enterprise-wide common technological platform for long-term care institutions.  Consolidate administrative information and medical statistics in order to share patient health results and access services orders.
  • MediCDR:  A central repository for all patient healthcare results and other clinical information. Deploy what you need, from a simple appointment record consolidation solution to a full electronic health record system.
  • MediWeb:  Designed for deployments in an application service provider (ASP) mode. Authorized clinicians inside and outside the hospital jurisdictional boundaries get secure, Internet access to computerized patient records anytime, anyplace. 

MediPatient. Provide full patient record integration, tracking, and reporting. Uniquely identify patients, while supporting multiple records, search a master patient index (MPI), share patient information securely across public and regional health facilities, and create an appointment system to view physician availability at a glance. 

MediIndex. A master patient index (MPI) for multi-facility healthcare organizations and networks. 

MediVisit. A patient scheduling information management system designed to manage a wide array of ambulatory care information, including appointments, registrations, attendances and waiting lists. Eliminate schedule and treatment incompatibilities, ensure adequate staffing,  and reduce unnecessary patient visits.
MediRad. Specifically designed for medical imagery and other diagnostic services.  Automate large volumes of information, update patient records, and effectively ensure follow-up of clinical services.  

What it means

With Infor MediSuite, you can:

  • Use IT more strategically for better care and better connectivity.
  • Support multidisciplinary care users.
  • Access integrated patient information across care settings to give patients more effective and continuous care.
  • Improve clinician performance, reduce time spent on administrative tasks, and spend more time with patients.

Your organization is focused on patients. Your information systems should be, too. Infor MediSuite delivers the critical information your clinical staff members need, when they need it.

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