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Focused on customer success

Every Infor Consulting Services (ICS) engagement—in any location around the world and in any industry—begins with creating a climate of success that's specific to your company. Our global team of more than 3,500 skilled experts ensures that your Infor solutions are implemented at peak efficiency by using our knowledge, global resources, and unrestricted access to the Infor ecosystem. Read below to see how we helped make a few of our customers successful.

Business challenge

The leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-end tools and equipment for professional uses, Kenosha, Wisconsin-based Snap-On Tools came to Infor Consulting Services to upgrade their implementation of Infor LN. The company wanted to take advantage of the newest features of LN and establish readiness to implement the most recent Infor solutions based on Infor ION including Infor Ming.le™ and Infor CRM.

Outcome: Snap-On Tools

  • Leveraged ICS and Infor alliance partner Inavista to develop overall program strategy
  • Established controls for project tracking and progress and achieved go-live success with minimal downtime
  • Capitalized on the latest functional enhancements in Infor LN Distribution, Service and Quality modules

Business challenge

The Borgata Casino delivers luxury experiences to thousands of Atlantic City visitors every year. Borgata managers came to Infor for improved workforce management technology that could deliver the most sophisticated features and capabilities available while preserving its existing investment in time clock hardware. Infor Consulting Services delivered complete project management and expertise across the entire scope of the implementation.

Outcome: Borgata Casino

  • Achieved implementation in 5 weeks
  • Improved accuracy of employee schedules through integration to its human resources system
  • Gained real-time schedule compliance information for faster management response
  • Reduced effort required to approve time requests
  • Realized lowered overall total cost of ownership and reduced training requirements

Business challenge

Manila-based Century Pacific Food, Inc. is the source of more than a dozen food brands that are popular throughout the Philippines and the surrounding region. The 1000-employee company chose Infor to help it move to cloud-based technology to improve growth prospects and streamline operations.

Outcome: Century Pacific Food, Inc.

  • Migrated in-house applications to Amazon Web Services with limited down time
  • Completed project go-live leveraging ICS flexibility, close communication with project team and robust technical skills
  • Reduced manpower and infrastructure costs improving company profitability
  • Eliminated system down time and performance constraints during peak periods
  • Redeployed internal resources for more profitable use

Business challenge

Bison International, a Dutch distribution firm, engaged Infor Consulting Services to upgrade Infor M3 to better support current business processes and establish the foundation for the company’s future. Objectives included enhancing customer service by fulfilling more complex customer requests and to realize increased integration with other applications such as warehouse management, EDI and CRM.

Outcome: Bison International

  • Realized a successful upgrade project with strategically aligned delivery teams for logistics / finance and migration
  • Is maximizing the use of Infor M3 out-of-the-box functionality and standard processes and has increased business efficiency
  • Has eliminated modifications as a result of their upgrade to the more recent release of Infor M3

Business challenge

Berkshire Corporation, a leading manufacturer of cleanroom products, engaged Infor Consulting Services to plan and perform an upgrade of their Infor M3 ERP system, transitioning to a cloud-based environment while engaging Infor Application Management Services (AMS) to operate on-premise IT functions as well.

Outcome: Berkshire Corporation

  • Achieved a successful upgrade in 6 months
  • Engaged Infor Application Management Services to host current environment during the upgrade
  • Integrated Infor M3 with an on-line store to automate and expedite warehouse processes
  • Raised warehouse process efficiencies
  • Is leveraging new functionality and reporting tools, which is critical to company growth

Business challenge

As America’s original apothecary manufacturer, J.R. Watkins makes a diverse line of personal and home care products, remedies, herbs, spices and flavorings. Their objective was to modernize their IT portfolio by upgrading to Infor M3 version 13.2 10x and leverage Infor CloudSuite Food and Beverage to support the migration of Infor M3 on premise to a cloud deployment. When thoroughly evaluating options, they decided to move to the cloud so they could focus on core business competencies.

Outcome: J.R. Watkins

  • Leveraging enhanced capabilities and extended functionality of Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage including demand planning
  • Moved to standard best practices and away from customizations, gaining better system support and improved performance
  • Identified total cost of ownership savings over five years through assessment by Infor Value Engineering team
  • Completed the upgrade one month early and under budget working with dedicated teams from ICS Cloud Services and Project Management, Infor partner, Avaap and J.R. Watkins internal teams

Business challenge

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District is a California-based, public, non-profit agency created in 1950 under the Municipal Water District Act of 1911. They manage over 43,000 water, waste water and agricultural service connections. Their objective was to upgrade to the latest release of Infor Lawson Financials to improve performance and secure the best system support on current technology. They also wanted to create a one-stop-shop for end users with Infor Ming.le™ and Infor Smart Office ability to allow multiple system integrations.

Outcome: Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District

  • Gained efficiencies with ability to monitor condition environment with Landmark manager, mobile financials and inventory
  • Achieved a smooth upgrade project in three months, on-time and under budget with hands-on, readily available resources
  • Leveraging server virtualization to decrease infrastructure load
  • Has improved interface capabilities with advanced process automation

Business challenge

As the sole supplier of electricity in New Jersey, Jersey Electricity PLC serves roughly 50,000 domestic and commercial customers with a core objective of providing affordable, secure and sustainable energy. Their objective was to upgrade from Infor MP2 to Infor EAM to introduce reliable hours and time-based maintenance functionality and reduce the risks associated with verbal communications.

Outcome: Jersey Electricity PLC

  • Used an out-of-the box solution approach with standard functionality and no changes or customizations
  • Leveraged the relevant industry process and configurations to quickly achieve go-live
  • Implemented plant maintenance, asset data base and fault reporting business processes
  • Cleansed, updated and migrated key data in the asset database so they now can clearly identify all assets

Infor Consulting Services

Get the most value from your enterprise software investment

Whether you're planning to implement a new solution, roll out an upgrade, or aspire to generate additional business results with your current Infor solutions, you care about one thing: realizing success from your software selection. For us, success means getting up and live as quickly as possible, seeing a fast return on investment, and delivering software your employees love.

Every Infor Consulting Services (ICS) engagement—in any location around the world and in any industry—begins with creating a climate of success that's specific to your company. Our global team of more than 3,500 skilled experts works to ensure that your Infor solutions are implemented at peak efficiency by using our knowledge, global resources, and unrestricted access to the Infor ecosystem.

The ICS team has completed thousands of successful implementations around the globe and has years of experience working with Infor solutions, and, in many cases, building those solutions.

ICS is committed to providing you with real value, and helping you achieve real success.

The ICS Advantage

When you engage with ICS, you are working with a seasoned team of experts dedicated to ensuring you realize maximum value from your Infor investment. Below is a sampling of the value propositions that are available to you when you work with ICS.


Innovation: Implementation Accelerators

Infor's Implementation Accelerators are tailored specifically by industry and for Infor's solutions. Because industry standard business processes are built into each Implementation Accelerator, they deliver faster implementations, predictable outcomes, lower total cost of ownership, and ongoing innovation from continued development.


PMO Office

The Infor Project Management Office (PMO) assures quality implementation processes with governance, quality control, and industry-specific procedures and best practices.


Infor Ecosystem

ICS offers unparalleled access to key stakeholders at Infor—whether you want to communicate with the C-Suite or the development team. Our team is closely aligned with Infor R&D, Value Engineering, Infor Labs, Infor Xtreme Support, Infor Education, and the Innovators Reference Program, so we can get your questions answered quickly and efficiently.


UpgradeX/CloudSuite Delivery

ICS ensures that your migration to Infor10x and the cloud is seamless. You get a new version of your solution running in Infor CloudSuiteTM, plus all of the services you need-including software, hardware, OS licenses, and IT support.
Once you've moved to the cloud, you'll be on Infor's implementation of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. This allows us to take advantage of Amazon's expertise and economies of scale to deliver an enhanced user experience and the agility, elasticity, and cost benefits of the AWS Cloud to Infor customers around the world.


Centers of Excellence

Infor's two Centers of Excellence deliver high-value services through an offshore model. Our centers in Manila, Philippines and Hyderabad, India have more than 650 employees with deep domain expertise, in addition to an understanding of local industries and requirements.


Global reach

Infor is the third largest provider of enterprise solutions in the world, with more than 13,000 employees serving more than 70,000 customers in more than 200 countries and territories. ICS leverages the global power of Infor to provide you with the knowledge and resources your business needs.


Vendors don't always put their money where their mouth is. …This service showed us that, all things being equal, we could improve our margins by 3-4%.

Andrew Stewart, CFO
Gap Group (UK)

Infor Deployment Method

Infor uses a standard deployment methodology based on the acquired knowledge of many years of experience and thousands of implementations. In every engagement, ICS provides disciplined project management with built-in best practices, and a deployment methodology that's anything but a "one-size fits all" approach.

UpgradeX/CloudSuite Delivery

Infor understands the cloud and the many benefits it can deliver to your business. Our approach is to help you form a strategy to realize those benefits. Then, we make it happen by delivering your upgrade or implementation in the cloud in the shortest amount of time and with the highest degrees of security, quality, and predictability.

Contact us to learn how ICS can make a difference in your business.

ICS service offerings

Access world-class expertise for business analysis and assessment, solution design and implementation, enterprise performance monitoring, operation optimization, and solution migration.

Get your organization up to speed fast with convenient and cost-effective learning solutions delivered by dedicated professionals for maximum workforce knowledge development.

Get customizations built using industry-standard, up-to-date technologies to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Streamline day-to-day and long-term IT operations and maintenance for top performance and lower costs. Get a single point of contact to oversee management of your enterprise solutions.


The differentiator was 'trust.' Other companies offer the same services, however we knew that the Infor team understood our needs. We trusted them to make the right decisions while suggesting solutions that were practical for our needs and would work when implemented.

Anirudh Kejriwal, Senior Manager, IT
BMW Group Financial Services, India


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Infor Implementation Accelerators

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