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Build an arsenal of the right tools to trim your costs, boost your operational efficiency, and help you make better and faster decisions. Infor Distribution software gives you just that—out of the box, with no costly customizations or long deployments. They're flexible and scalable, so you can add capabilities at your own pace.

Discover the Distribution system that suits your business.

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Infor Distribution solutions help you with:

  • Warehouse management—Manage your warehouse workflow better.
  • Order entry—Automate your purchasing and streamline your work process.
  • Inventory control—Improve your inventory management for better performance.
  • Wholesale and distribution—Make your extended supply chain more responsive.
  • Financials—Take advantage of greater financial visibility and insight.
  • Quality management—Improve quality to increase productivity and reliability.
  • Service management—Manage your entire customer lifecycle.

Spotlight: PRSG Gains 85% Productivity Increase

Can your distribution software help you boost productivity by 85%? Find out how Puerto Rico Supplies achieved goals with Infor Distribution.

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Many of the world's leading Distribution companies trust Infor Distribution to improve their business.

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The Infor Distribution difference

Infor Distribution software focuses on what matters most to a distributor: complete control over complex operations in every area of your business—enterprise resource planning, e-commerce, supply chain management, and customer relationship management.

Tightly integrated tools among every area help you better manage your warehouse workflow, automate purchasing, streamline your work process, and improve your inventory management.

Designed to address the complexities of a modern distribution business, Infor Distribution software provides robust capabilities with your industry-specific needs built in. You get a better fit for your business and fewer customizations, as well as faster, more reliable implementations. You can respond to constant changes, deal with increasing volume, and meet customer demands to stay competitive while controlling costs.

From small to medium to large distribution companies, our solutions provide all the tools you need to keep your organization agile and ahead of the competition. Our distribution solutions are designed by industry experts, many with decades of experience. Infor Distribution software can help you achieve better performance and faster growth with fewer headaches.

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Infor Distribution SX.e

With the most powerful system available for managing the complex demands of the distribution industry, you gain unrivaled control—in managing thousands of transactions, tracking tens of thousands of line items, and keeping tabs on thousands of suppliers and customers. Improve what matters most: managing your warehouse workflow, automating purchasing, streamlining your work process, and improving your inventory management.

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Infor Distribution A+

Provides IBM System i reliability as the foundation to help you always meet your customers' needs. You get tight integration among tools in every business department, giving you visibility, speed, and flexibility to cope with changes and to create new services for increased revenue. Make the most of what you already have and keep using solutions you already know. Increase your cash flow, improve customer service, and make better demand forecasts by automating processes and reducing training.

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Infor Distribution FACTS

Designed for small and medium distributors to help you respond to constant changes, deal with increasing volume, and meet customer demands to stay competitive while controlling costs. Distribution Express helps you expand into new services, establish successful e-commerce, and deal with expansion through acquisition. The result: You improve cash flow and satisfy your customers.

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