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You can't make logistical decisions in a vacuum. Transportation problems can cascade like dominoes and impact your warehouse planning. Your warehouse plan changes your inventory plan. Changing inventory plans complicate your transportation selections-and everything impacts labor and billing.


See a map of the capabilities and technologies that power Infor Supply Chain Execution.

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Innovation in Third Party Logistics

Learn how supply chain transformation drives opportunity and innovation for 3PL companies.

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Learn how Courtaulds achieved their objectives of greater visibility, accuracy and efficiency with Infor Supply Chain Execution.

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What it is

Infor Supply Chain Execution combines transportation management, warehouse management, labor management, and 3PL Billing into a single application on a unified database to reduce the complexity of warehousing and logistics management and clarify daily decision making.

What it does

Infor Supply Chain Execution lets you make logistics decisions in context, so that you always know the consequences of every action and can make better choices. It also leverages the connective power of the Infor ION Suite to seamlessly connect your logistics decisions to your financial systems, manufacturing systems, and all the other technologies that make your business more efficient.

The first execution solution combining transportation management with warehouse management, Infor Supply Chain Execution helps you tackle the complex logistic decisions that span the boundary between transportation and warehousing.

You'll avoid the costly blind spots that result from treating warehouse and transportation management separately with Infor Supply Chain Execution, because you'll always find the best solutions to a range of perplexing tradeoffsprice versus speed, service versus accuracy, satisfied customers versus profitable customers.

Eliminate expediting charges with Supply Chain Execution's optimization features, which guide you through the planning process and help you plan and re-plan instantly. You'll be prepared to manage the unexpected demands that you encounter every day, including labor management.

The solution's sophisticated labor management capabilities help you optimize the distribution of work and measure the performance of your workforce. Fully integrated dispatch features let you consolidate and organize shipments to get the best overall pricing and service level.

If you sell logistic services to your customers, you'll be able to estimate costs fully, create value-added services such as kitting, and bill for those services quickly and accurately.

Infor Supply Chain Execution also helps you prove the value of what you do with extensive, advanced reporting all built on a single database. With rapid, comprehensive reports that tie everything together, you'll save time and money in every part of your operation. Supply Chain Execution also gives you instant snapshot reports of your entire operation so that you can make better decisions faster.

What it means

Infor Supply Chain Execution gives you coherent, valid information from a single source so that you can make better decisions and give your customers information that inspires confidence. By combining warehousing, transportation, labor and billing into one solution, it reduces complexity by keeping all of your information in sync and up to date.

The Infor Supply Chain Execution difference

Unlike other solutions, Infor Supply Chain Execution uniquely offers:

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Infor SCE solution footprint

See a map of the capabilities and technologies that power Infor Supply Chain Execution.

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Optimizing Warehouse Operations with Infor Supply Chain Execution  

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Visual Warehouse

See Visual Warehouse and Wave Control Monitor in action.

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Profitable Supply Chain with Customer- and Event-Driven Optimization  

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Lineage Logistics talks Supply Chain Execution in the Cloud

Watch Blake Barthelmess describe Lineage Logistics' implementation of Supply Chain Execution in the Cloud, and how the software and partnership of Infor helped support his company's growth initiatives.

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Infor Supply Chain Execution  

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ARK Logistics and Transportation  

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