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A revolution has started in the world of business software. Rigid and cumbersome is giving way to agile, intelligent, and above all fast. You no longer have to sacrifice usability and convenience for the sake of functionality.

Infor 10x, the latest release of Infor's proven business applications, marries modern technologies with traditional applications, so you get the best of both worlds—solutions backed by decades of practical application that are continually enhanced with the latest technological innovations.

Infor 10x delivers major advancements across all of Infor's core product lines, allowing you to maximize your investments in existing technologies and take advantage of innovative new solutions without committing to complex integrations and endless implementations. You also get access to innovative, forward-thinking solutions capable of transforming the way you work.

You'll be able to:

  • Solve old problems in new ways, with social collaboration technologies embedded in core business systems.
  • Take your technology for granted, with systems that are beautiful, familiar, and easy to use.
  • Make sure out of office doesn't mean out of touch, by putting information at employees' fingertips.
  • Have systems without borders, with technology that turns siloed systems into synchronized ones.
  • Get software that talks back, with exceptions and alerts delivered automatically, plus the ability to drill down into issues and take steps necessary to resolve problems anytime, from anywhere.

Change the way you work with Infor 10x.


The Power of 10x

Infor 10x is the latest release of Infor's proven business applications.

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Reinventing enterprise software

Infor's technology solutions have been built with a key objective in mind—to integrate the most mature, proven, and industry-driven applications available with modern, innovative technologies that change everything you thought you knew about enterprise software. Think flexible and collaborative. Think beautiful, scalable, integrated, and mobile. Then start imagining all the things you'll be able to accomplish.

The Infor technology advantage

With Infor technology, you'll be able to:

  • Use innovative technologies like social, mobile, and cloud within your existing environment.
  • Dramatically increase the value of your business applications.
  • Maximize the value of your technology investments.
  • Transform the way you work.
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Best-in-class solutions

Infor Ming.le™—Social Business

Take collaboration to new heights with Social Business technologies from Infor. You can create a centralized space for communications, making information that previously got lost shared, accessible, and auditable.

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Get the information you need to make better decisions faster with Infor's range of innovative analytics solutions. Data at your fingertips and role-based delivery of business information are just the tip of the iceberg.

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User Experience

Form meets function at last with Infor's User Experience Platform. You can get a consumer-inspired user experience in a business environment, turn siloed systems into synchronized ones, and much more.

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Infor ION—Purpose-built middleware

Easily integrate disparate systems and get unparalleled, end-to-end efficiency with Infor ION. You can leverage this innovative framework to accelerate automation of business processes, drive better business decisions, and dramatically improve exception management.

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Get unparalleled flexibility with cloud deployment options from Infor. You have absolute choice in the way you deploy your data, making your information both portable and secure.

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Application Development Framework

Easily design and deploy applications that enhance your existing business systems with Infor's Application Development Framework technologies. You can build customizations in a fraction of the time and with far less effort than required by traditional development approaches.

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Success stories

ION and Ferrari

Speed and quality are shared goals for Infor and Ferrari.

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Infor ION customers


Many of the world's leading companies trust Infor ION to improve their business.

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Infor 10x and the new workforce

Watch this video for highlights of the Infor 10x release, including a preview of key areas like social business and integration.

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10x Discovery Guide

An in-depth review on Infor 10x release, including details on what 10x delivers for your product.

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Infor Ming.leTM  

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What makes Infor ION tick? The top 10 things you should know  

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10x Starter Guide

Infor's evolution as a company, our 10x enterprise release, and how it can help change the way you do business.

Download the Infor 10x Starter Guide

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Specialized by industry  

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4 steps to becoming a mobile enterprise  

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ION Overview

Infor Intelligent Open Network (ION) is a powerful integration platform that enables disparate business systems to share information by translating it into the common language of standardized XML. Here’s how it works.

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