Infor Xtreme™ Support

  • Meet the Xtreme Team

    Real people. Real answers. Real support.

  • Meet the Xtreme Team

    Real people. Real answers. Real support.

  • Meet the Xtreme Team

    Real people. Real answers. Real support.

  • Meet the Xtreme Team

    Real people. Real answers. Real support.

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We know our stuff

  • We collaborate with the developers who create and update the applications we support. Some of us even helped develop the apps from the ground up, so we understand them inside and out.

We don't read from a script

  • We don't believe in canned responses or "one-size-fits-all" support. When you have a question, we're listening. And when we have an answer, we make it specific to the issue you're facing right now.

We are people-focused

  • We love getting to know our customers. As Alan, one of our superstar analysts, puts it: "We've all developed personal relationships with our customers and we really want to help them succeed."


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Providence Health & Services

Our expertise has proven invaluable to Providence Health & Services.

Red Wing Shoes

Xtreme Elite helps Red Wing Shoes meet its business needs.


Infor Xtreme Portal

This all-in-one hub gives you instant access to everything available through Xtreme Support, from software patches to service packs, customer communities, and beyond. We update the knowledge base with new articles every day (one million and counting!), plus this is where you'll find the Infor Support Assistant—a groundbreaking tool that's in tune with your Infor applications, so we can proactively help manage your issues and upgrades.

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Xtreme winner

Amazing work deserves amazing awards. For seven years in a row, we've won the Confirmit Achievement in Customer Excellence Award, an honor that recognizes outstanding achievement in customer satisfaction. Go team!

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Pick a plan that's just right for you

Xtreme Support

  • Choose this plan and you'll receive support for an unlimited number of incidents, continuous support through the Infor Xtreme Portal, software updates, feature packs, and so much more.

Xtreme Premium

  • Go with Premium and you'll get all the benefits of Xtreme Support as well as 24/7 critical incident support and access to educational briefings, which feature live Q&A sessions with the Xtreme Team.

Xtreme Elite

  • Sign up for Elite and you'll get all the advantages of Xtreme Premium. We'll also set you up with your very own Customer Success Manager who will oversee and prioritize your incidents, patches, and beyond. Plus, you'll have access to special events support and insight into upcoming enhancements and upgrades.

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