What it is

With Infor Food & Beverage for the Beverage Industry, the combination of collaboration, flexibility and usability helps you capture demand signals and develop more precise and accurate forecasts with less manual input. Key features include:

  • Collaborative forecasting and demand planning
  • Optimized use and scheduling of tanks
  • Processing high sales order volumes
  • Responsive material and capacity planning
  • Warehouse management with shelf life handling
  • Route-based repetitive and non-repetitive distribution
  • Management of returnable pallets and containers

What it does

Managing a business in a volume-intensive industry like yours can really quench the thirst for innovation and creativity. It can also feel like drinking from a fire hose. Huge orders flow in from a variety of channels, and often they require same or next day delivery. Raw material prices constantly fluctuate, and regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. Plus you face frequent changes in consumer preferences, packaging and labeling concerns, and a host of issues related to manufacturing, inventory, and delivery.

Infor's solution is designed to help you manage the complexities of your supply chain—from the harvesting of raw materials to managing orders and delivering your final product to the shelves. It addresses beverage industry issues such as capacity planning, delivery forecasting, catch weight, variable attribute production, plant maintenance, and more, with full supply chain traceability.

Infor is recognized as a leader in meeting the needs of the various verticals within the beverage industry including bottled water, juices, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.  For example, 7 of the top 10 brewers in the world use Infor solutions due to our understanding of the unique complexities of the brewing industry such as scheduling numerous production streams for vast quantities and wide varieties of beer. There are also routing constraints, long fermenting and aging times, tank complexities, variable changeovers, floating bottlenecks and limited material availability and storage capacity.

What it means

With a focus on yield optimization, demand planning, and asset management, Infor Food & Beverage for the Beverage industry is designed to help you streamline operations and control costs, while maintaining complete traceability and food and drink safety across the entire value chain. Infor Food & Beverage helps you:

  • Improve forecasting accuracy.
  • Optimize the use of tank capacity and production scheduling.
  • Speed up warehouse operations.

Ingredients for speed & innovation

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