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Gain the benefits that thousands of companies in financial services, telco/media, retail, hospitality and technology have realized: 50% increase in sales per hour, 48% increase in products per household, and 400% lift in average response rates.


CRM Chat: VUCA - What is it and why does it matter?

How does Velocity, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity effect businesses today? What is the Post normal world and Big Data? How should a company respond - ignore or embrace?

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Every customer interaction presents multiple opportunities to improve your business. Whether by increasing revenue, generating a new lead, or increasing an existing customer's satisfaction with your company, you need to make the most of every interaction at every point of contact. Infor CRM will help you strengthen your business with an integrated marketing, sales, and service approach to customer relations. Analytical CRM software from Infor does more than just track customer interaction. It helps you formulate insights that can increase leads, retention, and revenue. By using the power of Infor CRM, you can help your customer-facing staff with detailed recommendations and coordination during every customer experience. Successful enterprises ensure that every interaction increases their strength as a company.

With Infor Epiphany, you can become a leader in your industry through leading-edge customer experience and interaction management solutions that are easy to implement and easy to scale to suit your growing company. Our CRM solutions are designed for your business, regardless of the industry in which you operate. Using our access to industry experts, we will help you find a CRM solution package tailored to suit your unique needs and specifications.

Customer Interaction Hub for CXM

Companies around the world are increasingly developing and implementing customer-centric growth strategies based on deepening relationships. Maintaining continuous dialogue with customers is the key to emphasizing long-term satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability over short-term sales conversions.

Dubbed Customer Experience Management (CXM), to properly execute you need the right insight into the customer combined with the ability to respond to the needs and interests of the customer based on that insight.

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Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

With Marketing Resource Management, powered by Orbis Global, you can manage all your marketing activities, along with the resources and management processes required to get your programs, campaigns, and activities to market quickly and efficiently. Whether you have five marketers or hundreds across the globe, Marketing Resource Management is a scalable solution, at once powerful and easy to use.

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Epiphany Marketing & Analytics

Get the right tools to plan, execute, and monitor your inbound and outbound direct marketing campaigns across every customer contact channel. Easily analyze your customer data and uncover opportunities. Conduct multichannel marketing and messaging campaigns that build ongoing customer relationships and respect customer preferences, help you win new and keep current customers while selling more to each one, follow your company's marketing policies, and comply with regulations.

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Epiphany Interaction Advisor Family

Optimize your customer interactions across multiple business units and channels with the power of Epiphany Interaction Advisor. Recognized by Gartner, Forrester and other leading industry analysts as the best-in-class real-time decisioning solution, this tool can take your organization's customer experience management and ROMI to new heights.

And now, you can solve specific interaction challenges with the Interaction Advisor family of solutions:

  • Interaction Advisor specialized by channel and industry
  • Email Advisor
  • Shopping Advisor
  • Social Commerce Advisor
  • Data Advisor
  • Ad Advisor
  • Document Advisor
  • Mobile App Advisor
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Epiphany Sales

Get all the data you need to turn any interaction into a sale. Convince your core customers to spend more, capitalize on incoming leads, lower your costs while improving customer service, and simplify the ordering process. Gain valuable insight by quickly accessing customers' transactional history and current activity.

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Epiphany Service

Improve productivity to boost customer service while reducing costs. Extend personalized offers to customers at the time of interaction, shorten call times by resolving issues the first time, and treat customers in a consistent way.

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