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Infor customers, partners, and employees are all eligible for certifications. Certification exams for each product line are role-based, including functional exams for consultant services, and technical exams for administration, installation, security authorization, and integration. Infor uses an online testing platform, Webassessor, to make Infor certification exams accessible from anywhere, at anytime. Webassessor offers candidates a convenient way to take exams in a secure, proctored environment.

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Available Certifications and exam guides

As a complement to relevant training courses, our exam guides can help candidates self-assess their knowledge against detailed exam objectives. Studying these guides is an effective way to improve readiness for passing a certification exam. To learn more and register for our available certifications, click below.

Certification listing

Benefits of being a certified professional

  • 92% of employers say that certified candidates receive higher salaries
  • 68% of professionals say that certification increased their value in the job market
  • 93% or hiring managers believe that certifications are beneficial

Advantages of Employing Certified Staff

  • 83% of decision makers report that recently certified staff work more effectively
  • 75% of managers say that certifications are important for the team
  • 81% of professionals say that maintaining certification keeps their skills current
  • 70% of employers believe that certifications lead to long-term organizational savings
  • 89% of employers believe that certification leads to lower staff turnover
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