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June 1, 2022By Khalid Marbou

Effective in the August 2022 update cycle, we will be enhancing the processes for sending emails from your CloudSuite. This enhancement will provide you with more control in the email sending process, adoption of security best practices and providing improved trust of emails to your users.

The changes are summarized in:

1 Changing the default from domain from to Default for ALL
2 Management of verified Domains for your organization Self-Service
3 Management of SMTP server to use for sending emails Self-Service
4 Management of from email address and display name for your applications Self-Service

The configuration of these services is available in the June version of the Self-Service Portal. The changes will be implemented in the August monthly update. This offers approx. 60 days to review any existing configuration and make desired changes before August.

Note that these new features only apply to Infor MT CloudSuite environments.

How does this impact my organization?

Inbound domain rules

If you have rules in your email server, ensure that you have included both "" and "" by August 2022.

Custom Domains


If you wish to use a from email address that has a domain which is not, you can register your domains in the Self-Service Portal. You will be required to go through a verification step as defined in the CloudSuite Self-Service Portal User Guide.

If you have previously setup a SMTP server, you must add your domain used in the SMTP From email address to this list before the August Update.

You should verify your ION configuration to ensure it uses either the domain of or one of your registered domains.

  • A notification banner in ION will alert you to this requirement. 
  • The editing of the ION configuration and Email Templates will enforce the domain to be in the verified domains list.

After the August update, you will be able to review your list of verified domains in the Portal within the Infor Federation Service using the Security Administration Settings.

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Custom SMTP configuration

The configuration of SMTP server is performed in Self Service Portal and completed per application for each tenant. The Infor OS applications that can be setup is currently limited to those that send user emails; Infor Portal/Ming.le, Infor Document Management, and Infor ION (Intelligent Open Network).


Once you have configured the SMTP server for an application, any user emails will be sent through your defined SMTP server for the applications configured.  Applications that do not have a SMTP configuration will use the Infor SMTP server.

Following the August update, additional verification of the domain will occur in the email flow process for each application.

Note that these new features only apply to Infor MT CloudSuite environments.

Where can I learn more?

Infor CloudSuite Email Service Overview

Infor OS email Domain and SMTP functional overview

Infor OS email Domain and SMTP customer adoption considerations

For more information regarding Domain and SMTP setup including documentation, see:

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