Infor XA Release 10 FAQ

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August 24, 2021

Infor XA Release 10 FAQ

With all the buzz around Infor XA Release 10, end users have many questions. Infor Channel Partner, Design Group has compiled a list of frequently asked questions that they have received from their clients regarding the move to Infor XA Release 10, along with answers. Design Group has been a beta tester for the new release. They have worked with the XA Release 10 for several months and have a deep understanding of the new features and functions.

Here is a list of the most common questions that they have received from clients:

  • Why Net-Link?
    • This is Infor’s go-forward interface for end users and is very easy to activate. Net-Link is a thin client application that provides most of the functionality of Power-Link. Net-Link supports commonly used web-browsers on Windows, Apple & Android devices and provides easy access for Infor XA users across the globe.
  • Will Net-Link replace Power-Link?
    • No. Power-Link will remain. Most of the future enhancements are being planned to be rolled out with Net-Link.
  • Are all the objects, options and functions in the Power-Link available in Net-Link?
    • Nearly all the modules, objects, features and options are now available in Net-Link. The Infor Development Framework (IDF) has been expanded to include IDF level 1, a graphical user interface to access other application tasks with Infor XA and is not included with the standalone Net-Link interface. However, System I Workspace Anywhere (SiWA) is installed and configured along with Net-Link, which enables user access to any Infor XA application tasks whether XA IDF level 1 or 2.
  • Are there any limitations with the Net-Link features in comparison with Power-Link?
    • Workbenches are not supported by HTML5. Net-Link provides an alternate in the form of the new split view. The Infor OS (in-context app) can help in adding more windows to show related information.
  • What about developer tools?
    • Most developer tools (Integrator) remain in Power-Link and are not accessible via Net-Link and SiWA for development activities. All changes made to Integrator objects will get reflected in Net-Link.
  • Are there any new unique features in the Net-Link?
    • Yes. You have multiple views, direct export to spreadsheet, ad-hoc filter, user definition tracking, Net-Link preferences, etc.
  • What are the pre-requisites in preparation for XA Release 10?
    • The global environment of your system must be previously updated to use Coretto
    • It is recommended to be at XA Release 9.2 in preparation for your upgrade to XA Release 10
  • What is System I Workspace Anywhere (SiWA)?
    • Infor System i Workspace AnyWhere is a user interface for launching Infor ERP and IBM i application tasks through a web browser. It provides an intuitive way for users to navigate through the System Manager Menu structure and to launch tasks that can display screens either using a graphical or an emulator look and feel. It is not part of the Release 10 Upgrade and you will need to work with your service provider to get it installed and setup.
  • Is it mandatory to be on INFOR OS/SiWA to take advantage of Net-Link features and enhancements with XA Release 10?
    • No. All the features and enhancements are available with the stand alone Net-Link product user interface.

About the Author

As a long time Infor Channel Partner, Design Group is deeply connected to the Infor XA Product Development Roadmap and latest release information. Our Barry-Wehmiller family of companies is one of the largest Infor XA User bases globally and we have extensive experience providing support to multiple complex XA environments. We pride ourselves in having a large and global team of Infor XA Experts with unparalleled experience and knowledge on Infor XA ERP.

If you would like to learn more, check out our previously hosted webinar “Take action and start your journey to Infor XA Release 10”. Contact our Barry-Wehmiller Design Group XA Team if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the professional services we provide or to see webinar replays regarding Infor XA.


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