Frequently Asked Questions: License Management

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This document provides answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about the Infor™ license agreement audit process.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Infor want to audit us?

A: Infor periodically reviews its license agreements with customers to ensure compliance. Infor has a responsibility to protect its intellectual property rights.

Q: Is this a new activity?

A: No. Infor and/or its third party licensors and consultants have audited Infor licenses since 2001. Our multilingual software license experts have conducted over 20,000 license reviews. It may be a new activity, however, for some of our customers. We are happy to explain the process to you at your request.

Q: Our support agreement has expired. Do we still need to participate in the audit?

A: Yes. Infor's right to audit is not related to the continuance of support.

Q: Our software requires security keys that restrict number of users or copying the software to a new server. Isn't this adequate assurance in lieu of an audit?

A: Unfortunately, the usage of security keys is not adequate in all situations. We have found cases where the number of users or servers was not restricted as intended. You cannot rely solely on the security key to ensure compliance with your license agreement.

Q: Are most companies found to be in compliance?

A: Yes, the majority of companies audited are found to be in compliance The number of companies in compliance has increased significantly in the past few years as they realize the importance of effective license management and with the advent of Sarbanes-Oxley controls.

Q: What data do you collect?

A: Only data related to the usage of Infor software. Infor's audit focus has been designed to extract data that relates solely to Infor software. The information collected normally includes the products, the user by ID, and the workstation by ID. From this data, we will produce counts of named or concurrent users.

Q: Are any costs involved as part of the audit? If so, who pays for them?

A: Companies who initiate their own internal audit programs know this is a time-consuming and expensive service. However, Infor provides this service at no cost to you other than assistance required to download the software from our HTTP site and install it. The data you receive as a result of the audit process can be invaluable to your organization in terms of reviewing who is accessing your system and identifying what programs they are running.

Q: How much of my time will be required to assist with this audit?

A: The License Review Questionnaire requires input from your IT organization as well as the business, or legal organization. The Questionnaire itself is less than 20 questions and doesn't require much time. Our audit software installation only takes a few minutes to half an hour. The audit program runs in the background completely veiled from the users. The IT administrator is required to perform a few tasks while the software is operational. For most products, the software runs for six weeks; for some the software runs for just a few hours.

Q: I don't know which server has what Infor software running on it. Can you help me sort this out?

A: Yes. Generally, the audit software will log onto the target servers and check for Infor products. It will then report the results back to you and ask for permission to proceed with the audit.

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