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Uncover your team’s behavioral DNA

Infor Talent Science® utilizes a person-to-job fit approach to help organizations identify optimal candidates with the highest potential for success. Infor® Team Dynamics expands upon this by analyzing person-to-person Behavioral DNA® to optimize team performance. By understanding how a team functions and how its members will work together, leaders can enhance team productivity and make better management decisions. Team Dynamics allows leaders to visualize behavioral similarities, differences, and work styles—based on scientific data to promote effective and efficient collaboration. This in-depth behavioral analysis of how team members interact helps drive decisions that can reduce conflict, maximize capacity, and empower managers to effectively lead teams to success.

Keep teams focused

Team Dynamics can help leaders face the many challenges that can divert teams from their focus and productivity. Team Dynamics helps better prepare teams to quickly adapt to a variety of factors, such as the shifting dynamics when new team members join and others leave the team. This can help team members to stay focused on their goals and avoid conflict in communication and confusion in the overall understanding of role ownership within the team. Team Dynamics allows leaders to navigate work styles, communication preferences, and more to ensure optimal performance from all team members.

Better understand team dynamics

Team Dynamics is an easy-to-use and scalable tool that quickly delivers intuitive reports, which are broken down into four categories:

  1. Behavioral alignment
  2. Behavioral diversity
  3. Behavioral notability
  4. Team styles

Report feature highlights include:

  • Top three ways the team has the most similarity to the 24 behavioral dimensions measured
  • Where each team member lands on the continuum of an identified behavior
  • How the team will behave based on its alignment on the behavior
  • What it means to align across the continuum for each behavioral dimension
  • How tightly clustered team members are on a behavior and its impact to the group
  • How members vary on a behavior and its impact to the team
  • What behavior types make the team and its members unique
  • A breakout of the team’s style of approach into two complementary factors

Discover team insights

Behavioral alignment—Identify unifying behavioral characteristics

Behavioral diversity—Recognize a variety of team member perspectives

Behavioral notability—Uncover what behaviors make the team unique

Team styles—Explore how the team will respond to work objectives

Deliver successful projects

Infor Team Dynamics allows leaders to uncover how employees will work as a team, how they are aligned, and what makes them different. Applying this data can help guide teams to heightened success. With full visibility into a team’s Behavioral DNA, leaders can gain a deeper understanding of the team, how the team functions, and how team interactions can be optimized to maximize productivity and deliver successful projects.

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