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Measure your success with Infor’s Certification Program

Infor customers, partners, and employees are all eligible for certifications. Certification exams for each product line are role-based, including functional exams for consultant services, and technical exams for administration, installation, security authorization, and integration.

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Individual interests, areas of expertise, and skill levels are not “one size fits all.” Therefore, the Infor Certification Program offers a variety of Certification Paths to help guide you in your career. Read below for more information.

Some Certification Paths may include relevant Certification Exams. Infor Certification Exams are available to customers, partners and employees.

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Certification Paths and Badges

From consultants, to project managers, to solution architects, each Certification Path is role-based and includes a unique set of prescribed criteria, levels and checkpoints to validate proficiency. Certification Paths not only help guide you to the next level in your career but can also be leveraged to explore other areas of the business that might be of interest to you.

All Infor Certification Paths incorporate digital badges at applicable stages to signify successful completion. Our certification badges are administered by a third-party credentialing platform to ensure the security and validity of your hard-earned credentials. You’ve worked hard to achieve your badge. Infor will work just as hard to protect it.

When you achieve a badge, you are provided with a link and instructions to properly display the badge in your email signature and social media platforms. A valid badge can be clicked by anyone who views it to display a pop-up window that is personalized with your name and details about what that badge signifies.

Benefits of being a certified professional

  • 92% of employers say that certified candidates receive higher salaries
  • 68% of professionals say that certification increased their value in the job market
  • 93% or hiring managers believe that certifications are beneficial

Advantages of Employing Certified Staff

  • 83% of decision makers report that recently certified staff work more effectively
  • 75% of managers say that certifications are important for the team
  • 81% of professionals say that maintaining certification keeps their skills current
  • 70% of employers believe that certifications lead to long-term organizational savings
  • 89% of employers believe that certification leads to lower staff turnover

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