Hospitality Technology in a New Era: Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos

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November 23, 2021

Over the last few weeks, we’ve published several posts that illustrate the vital part that advanced hotel technology is playing in the continuing evolution of the hospitality industry. As culture and technology grow together, hotels, resorts, and casinos are looking to scale their platforms in a continuing process of digital transformation.

Here are some of the ways that they’re doing that in this review and summary of posts we’ve published recently.

Digital transformation best practices for your organization

As much as they are necessary, making big changes to core technology and the processes that drive it can be demanding. Decisions around investing in the right technology have impact across the business. It’s important for team members in various teams and with specific areas of expertise to be in the loop and aligned at every stage of the process.

How do hospitality organizations create a framework that helps ensure that?

Cloud-based solutions as the hospitality industry standard

More and more, leading hospitality organizations are relying on their connections with technology partnerships to help them centralize operations and make better use of their business data. Hotel PMS in the cloud and other cloud-based are common investments, supported by SaaS subscription models to simplify operations and reduce costs.

How do organizations best embark on this essential journey? Read our post.

Making hospitality operations better in a new era

Efficiency and focus of day-to-day hospitality operations is the engine to drive successful hotels, resorts, and casinos. What specific platform characteristics must be in place to help create great guest experiences and aid decision-makers in forming sustainable strategies to meet key business objectives, particularly during a period of change coming out of a very disruptive time?

Our post outlines a few key areas that important to success going forward.  

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How hotel technology empowers workers and helps retain talent

Good work and great talent make any vibrant industry what it is. This certainly applies to hotels, resorts, and casinos. Lately, there have been global labor shortages in these segments, making organizations acutely aware of how valuable their workforce is to the success of their businesses. It’s understood that the solution to the labor shortage is multi-layered.

In the meantime, how do hospitality technology solutions help to reduce stress for workers, create healthy work environments, and in fact make their work more rewarding and meaningful?

Hotel technology to help re-invent hospitality property spaces

When it comes to making the most of resources, sometimes, all that’s needed is a different perspective outside of the expected. It helps that have the right tools to help turn that vision into something practical. Hotels all over the world are rethinking the potential of their physical locations, and how to gain value out of every possible square foot.

What are some examples of that, and how does hospitality industry technology help them succeed? Take a look at this post to find out.

Trusted technology partnerships – the common denominator to success

When rethinking platforms, strategies, and solutions in a new era of the hospitality industry, the glue that holds everything together is expertise, vision, and collaboration. This certainly includes internal talent and teamwork. But it also includes having the right external partnerships in place.

When you’re reassessing current technology partners and providers, or looking for new ones to meet your existing and emerging challenges, how do you establish a solid foundation for success? We’ve authored a resource that helps you think about and to create a useful framework for forming the right connections with technology experts to help you take your organization to the next level.

You can get your copy of that resource right here.

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