Infor at HITEC 2022 – hotel technology trends and topics at this year’s show

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May 24, 2022

HITEC 2022 in Orlando (June. 27-30) is among the most important hospitality industry events on the calendar. Infor is excited to see some familiar faces at this year’s show and to connect with some new ones. The event gives us all a chance to discuss challenges, understand trends as they relate to business goals, and for us to demonstrate what our hotel and resort technology platform can do in support of the modern industry.

What can attendees expect this year in more detail? What will likely be some of the common topics of conversation? Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

Finding the gaps

After a major industry shake-up over the last two years, one of the most important takeaways was understanding where hotel and resort businesses were most vulnerable. Sometimes it takes a big paradigm shift to get the most clarity on this kind of thing – to find out what one knows, and what one doesn’t know. Technology plays a part in figuring things out from there.

Great conversations to have at the show might involve deeper dives into the advantages of cloud-based operations, new revenue strategies to expand offerings and optimize returns, and focused ways to understand how expectations around the guest experience have evolved. Of course, with every broad topic, it’s important to remember that every business is unique. We expect to have some very interesting conversations with attendees as to what challenges and objectives are in store for their organizations and how advanced technology can help.

Energizing labor

The issue of labor in the hospitality industry is a primary concern – how to retain talent in the hotels industry, and how to get the most value out of it without placing too much of the burden on individual teams or people. This topic has also come out of some very tumultuous times, with lots of effort put in to understanding how to optimize labor resources, reduce costs, and retain skilled industry people in part by empowering them to do their best work.

Hotel and resorts organizations are seeking to gain a clearer understanding of the most cost-effective ways to run efficient operations and what technology needs to be in place to ensure that outcome. This has implications around knowing which locations are performing best, which ones need greater support, and how technology can play a part in enabling the best results every day in every location while always empowering a workforce.

Leaning into guest empowerment and control via mobile

A key driver to investing in and continuing to plan for mobile functionality is the reality that hotel guests use their mobile devices as the hub to manage all areas of their lives. This includes their hotel guest experience. This alignment of cultural and technological factors keeps guests and staff connected throughout their journey with hospitality brands. Mobile-friendly functionality and services create cohesion, a sense of control, and greater freedom of movement.

Mobile-based and guest-led processes help personalize a hotel stay. By now, hospitality industry leaders are more than aware of how important this is to lend greater clarity and in providing guest-managed options to allow greater customization. A topic of discussion at the show might be what the next step is to increasing guest engagement and empowerment via support of mobile and what that could look like a year from now.

Always striving to be smarter

Global data collection on an exponential scale over the course of the past ten years is an important trend to every industry. Hotels and resorts are no exception. As a means of understanding what’s happening in all locations, keeping track of guest information and histories in a meaningful and intuitive way is vital. It is the key factor in discovering potential sources of revenue and competitive momentum all start with the right data in view to inform detailed business strategy to stay competitive.

When organizations invest in scalable platforms that connect solutions to each other and applied in all properties, they gain a sharper focus to build more effective strategies. This may not be the newest topic at HITEC this year. But even as paradigms shift and new technologies emerge, it’s still one of the most important areas to factor in when planning roadmaps.

See you there

Infor will be at HITEC 2022 at booth #405.

We’ll be showcasing our hospitality technology, including a fully functional café by which attendees will be able to order their (free) coffee by way of an intuitive on-site kiosk. More on what we will be bringing to the show in a future post.

In the meantime, we’d love to connect with you at the show.

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