The benefits of cloud deployment in A&D

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July 12, 2022

Turning to cloud solutions

As aerospace and defense enterprises adapt to changing market demands and global volatility, the technology they use to manage their business becomes increasingly important. The complexity of product designs, compliance mandates, supply chain disruption, and cybersecurity all point to the need for modern, composable ERP solutions deployed in the cloud. Without modern solutions, organizations face numerous risks and won’t be able to take advantage of artificial intelligence, data insights, or enhanced supply chain visibility.

There are several ways Infor CloudSuite Aerospace and Defense helps organizations stay resilient and able to address today’s most complex challenges. For example:

Adaptability. Deploying a cloud solution is the ideal way to future-proof the business, as Infor CloudSuites are continually updated with new technologies and functionality relevant to the A&D industry. It will be the last major deployment ever needed, as new functionality will be added in consumable phases, and is easy to adopt and stay current.

Automation. Manufacturers and contractors need greater automation and streamlined processes, eliminating silos, unifying disparate data, and providing one version of the business truth. Infor CloudSuite for Aerospace and Defense provides an end-to-end solution for complete visibility throughout the organization, across multiple locations and divisions.

Agility. Often, companies in A&D are using outdated legacy solutions and are bogged down in years of program data that make it difficult to migrate to a new solution. The infrastructure is in radical need for change. Cloud solutions are not only agile, but they also provide extensibility—supporting the ability to easily change business models or workflows to meet future needs.

Data centricity. Access to data is critical for informed decision making. Data collected from distant installations and use cases around the world can be collected and analyzed by engineers to continually refine product specifications. The cloud’s ability to expand or contract based on need is a huge benefit.

Innovation. The ability to continually monitor product performance helps engineers innovate and resolve design or service issues. The ability to collaborate securely with contractors and suppliers also helps speed innovations, allowing highly specialized end users to influence functionality. A 360-degree feedback loop between engineering, the shop floor, quality, and back around again is possible with CloudSuite A&D.

Advanced technology.
Cloud solutions allow organizations to leverage advanced applications, such as augmented reality, to help train personnel or to provide initial assessments for MRO. Connecting the real world and the electronic world is very important, but organizations need an innovation partner who understands this market. For example, the technology platform needs to uphold all of the cybersecurity mandates, including controlling access. The solutions must also help comply with the regulations, such as FAA, ESA, and regional regulations being placed on aircraft.

Capture user knowledge. Manufacturers in all industries are facing shortages of skilled workers as a large portion of employees reach retirement age. Cloud solutions come with built-in abilities to capture user insights and experiences, allowing processes to continue uninterrupted.

Recruit and retain skilled workers. Infor solutions feature a highly intuitive user interface that helps guide new users through preferred workflows. With the information they need at their fingertips, early talent employees can quickly make meaningful contributions to the organization and obtain job fulfillment. With consumer software-like interfaces, the solutions provide the tools today’s graduates expect, making it easier to recruit and retain workers.

These are just some of the reasons why CloudSuite A&D is the right solution for A&D companies today. Learn more about CloudSuites and the benefits of moving to the cloud.

About the author:
Edward Talerico is Infor's Sr. Director, Product Management, Aerospace and Defense

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