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The role of the modern CFO

July 10, 2023

Part 3 of a 3 part series to explore new responsibilities CFOs are facing, This article focuses on what a modern CFO means.

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Finance transformation - The time is now

July 6, 2023

Part 2 of a 3 part series to explore new responsibilities CFOs are facing, continuing with finance transformation.

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Data Security – The role of the CFO

July 5, 2023

Part 1 of a 3 part series to explore new responsibilities CFOs are facing, starting with data security

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  • Security and Compliance

How Infor SunSystems Cloud prevents fraud

June 27, 2023By FinanSys, an Infor Gold Channel Partner
Advanced features and tools help protect your business from fraudulent activities while ensuring the accuracy of financial data
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Infor at HITEC 2023 – top technology themes driving this year’s conference

June 14, 2023
Meet Infor at HITEC Toronto to talk about how technology can better empower staff, how data and analytics boost profitability and how to be best equipped for the ongoing challenge of creating outstanding experiences that make guests come back for more.
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How Accounting Software is Changing the Role of Finance

February 10, 2022By Joshua Dalton

As accounting software continues to advance, so too will the role of finance.

But how will it happen? And how much and how far will it change?

Our industry is in a state of flux and while this can be a tumultuous time, it presents opportunities for those that wish to take them.

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Demonstrating strong financial management during turbulent times for the oil & gas sector

December 13, 2021By Alison Richards

In order to gain funding for new Oil & Gas projects, companies need to demonstrate strong financial management. Read our recent blog that discusses how a robust financial management solution, such as Infor SunSystems offers potential investors more confidence in your business.

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  • Energy

3 Vital Steps For Getting the Most out of Your Live SunSystems Demo

May 6, 2021By Joshua Dalton

When getting started with Infor SunSystems, one crucial stage clients usually would go through is the live demo. In this guide, we show you the three vital steps to making the most of your SunSystems live demo.

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