Smart technology and the future of hospitality

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October 7, 2020

Whether existing or emerging, smart technology continues to drive new ways of doing things across the hospitality industry. One area that represents a sea change in managing business data and the processes to utilize it efficiently is the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) across properties and systems.

According to, hospitality is one of the industries focused on the value – and necessity – of AI. In an industry based on personalizing the experience of each unique guest, AI powers more sophistication in both behind-the-scenes operations, and client loyalty efforts.

Smart technology - the future is here

With AI, we’ve designed algorithms and systems to automate tasks formerly executed by users manually. We see it at work in our financials, enabling full connection across systems and properties. But in some cases, it really looks like science fiction.

One Chinese hotel has gone full-on futuristic, using AI to enable smartphone reservations and payments, facial recognition room entry, and robotic delivery of food and amenities. Maybe that’s at the far end of the spectrum when it comes to smart technology and automation. But AI is making its way more and more into the everyday and traditional processes that define hospitality operations.

AI for better communications, guest experience

Another, more visible use of AI is chat bot messaging, which not only gives guests an immediate, one-to-one dialogue, but can use property-based data to customize messaging based on prior guest behavior and preferences. Chat bots also have the agility and intuitive sense to ensure they are communicating in a guest’s native language.

The technology is impressive. But it is really just an extension of a core value that’s been in place since the hospitality industry was founded; better communications with guests means a better guest experience. Smart technology doesn’t replace the efforts of staff in this. It enhances those efforts to help keep guests and staff connected.

Smart technology for advanced hotel operations

Leading hotel brands across the globe are using AI to guide everything from revenue optimization to surge pricing to guest personalization. Specifically, AI enables a host of functionality and processes to boost market position:

  • Data visibility and accessibility across systems, solutions, and locations
  • Forecasting based on data-based scenarios to anticipate guest experience and expectations, and help create a more specific loyalty strategy
  • Informed recommendations to plan business activities based on real-time data
  • Automated price adjustments without human intervention
  • More immediate communications: notifications, pop-ups, and other push notifications to anticipate customer questions, concerns, and expectations

And we know we are only seeing the beginning of what’s possible. Big picture, AI can be a competitive equalizer for even the smallest, boutique properties. This is especially true when deployed in the cloud, which allows lower maintenance costs, and real-time updates.

More about the future of hospitality

In a recent e-book, we outline what we see as the most impactful technologies for today’s hoteliers. Even better, we share why and how to roll those out to sustain, succeed, and lead in an industry that is seeing rapid change in customer behaviors and expectations.

For more information about positioning your property for the future, now, see our helpful eBook The future of hospitality: Navigating the changing technology landscape.

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