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September 10, 2020

Business challenge
Today, most customers are using a combination of a badge and some form of authentication (Biometric or PIN) for hardware clock swipe capture. How do you decrease the risk of spreading COVID-19 at the hardware clocks by encouraging social distancing and reducing requirements to touch a shared surface?

How can Infor WFM help?
If you’re an Infor WFM customer using the 8000 or 9000-series clocks, consider switching to a ‘Swipe & Go’ clocking process. This configuration increases the speed in which employees can clock, which helps reduce employee clustering at clock locations and makes it easier to maintain social distancing protocols during high-traffic times such as shift start/end. Swipe & Go also decreases the requirements for employees to touch a shared surface.

How it works
Swipe & Go speeds up the clocking process by having employees simply tap or swipe a badge. The system automatically figures out if you are coming or going. If you're in a badge environment, consider bypassing biometric/pin authentication and letting your employees get in and out as quickly as possible.

Detailed configuration - 8000/9000 Swipe & Go
Swipe and Go clocks do not require to indicate whether they are clocking in or out.. Instead, the system automatically determines the action based on your previous clock actions and how long ago they occurred. Swipe and Go is intended to speed up the clock IN/OUT process by only requiring the employee to swipe a badge.

Swipe & Go is most effective in this respect when no PIN or Biometric authentication is configured, otherwise the employee has to stop and provide this authentication. If you currently require secondary authentication, you should at least consider eliminating it or suspending it. Some questions to ask yourself: is buddy punching an actual problem here or do we just think it is? Is secondary authentication more important than reducing the shared surfaces touched by all my employees during a pandemic? Only you and your organization will be answer these questions.

To configure Swipe and Go on an existing clock:

1. Log in to the WFM application as an administrator.

2. Select Maintenance > Reader Setup > Readers.

3. Search for the reader that corresponds to the clock.

4. Select the Edit link.

5. Select Swipe and Go for the Swipe Method.

6. Click Save.

Once the change is propagated to the clocks themselves, all future clocks will be treated as Swipe & Go swipes and processed accordingly by the clock-processing task. (Specific to the 8000/9000 clock, Swipe and Go is recorded as swipe type 11, which is known internally as a‘directionless’ clock type, meaning the clock type is determined by the system rather than indicated explicitly by the employee.)

Disabling Biometric Validation for Clocks
If biometric authentication is no longer required on one or more clocks, following the steps in this procedure to disable the feature.

1. Select Maintenance > Reader Setup > Readers

2. Click the Edit link next to the reader.

3. In the Biometric Mode list, select the following value: None. This option disables biometric mode.

4. Click Save.

Disabling PIN Validation for Clocks
PIN authentication is enabled by default in the application provided a PIN number is provided in Employee Badge. If PIN authentication is not required for one or more clocks, follow the steps in this procedure.

To disable PIN validation for Clocks:

1. Select Maintenance > Reader Setup > Readers

2. Click the Edit link next to the reader.

3. Select the Disable PIN Validation (not selected by default).

4. Click Save.

For more documentation on how to configure 8000/9000-series clocks in Infor WFM, please consult the 8000 Series Clock System Administration Guide or 9000 Series Clock System Administration Guide. If you need a copy, they can be found on https://www.inforxtreme.com.

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