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July 16, 2020

Business challenge

Not all instances of employee sick leave are created equal. Different underlying reasons for an employee’s sickness-related absence may impact your business in different ways. Business issues and organizational policies may differ based on certain sick types, which makes effective and automated tracking difficult if all sick time is allocated to one generic sick category.

How can Infor WFM Help?

With Infor Workforce Management (WFM) you can track COVID-19-related paid sick time separately from your existing sick policies. Define a special COVID paid sick time balance and track its usage on employee timesheets with a unique time code.

How it works

Infor WFM allows an unlimited number of user-defined balances. Each balance may be defined to be tracked in different units such as minutes, hours, days, etc. For example, you may have configured a “SICK” balance type to track general sick hours that an employee is allowed to take within a user defined time period. You can configure an additional “COVID” balance to track specific time taken off work because of COVID-19 symptoms. In addition, a given time code can be configured to impact multiple balances. For the COVID example, a COVID-related sick leave time code can deduct from an existing SICK balance while at the same time incrementing the COVID balance.

Once balances are configured, different Time-Off types may also be configured for employees to easily enter time off as either SICK or COVID. This will provide additional flexibility in tracking and application of business rules based on the differences between the absence types.

In addition to improved tracking/tracing at the individual level, a separate COVID balance also allows you to analyze COVID-related impact across your organization overall or specific parts of the organization.

Version availability

Flexible time code, balance and balance type definitions are available in all versions of Infor WFM from Version 3 onward. The Time-off Planner and Time-off Types are available starting in Version 6.1.

See it in action

Here is a brief video that illustrates, how you can leverage time codes and balances today to help you track different sick events separately within Infor WFM.

Detailed configuration
  • Login as an administrator
  • Navigate to Balances (Maintenance->Balance & Accruals->Balances->Create New Entry)
  • Create COVID or any other new balance type
  • Navigate to Time Codes (Maintenance->Payroll Settings->Time Codes->Create New)
  • Create new COVID time code
  • Ensure “Affects Balances” checkbox is selected
  • Define which & how balances are affected by this time code below in the Time Code Balance section. Example below shows how COVID time code will increment “COVID DAYS TAKEN” balance by 1 day, but also decrement “SICK” balance by the number of hours.
  • Option to create a new “COVID” Time-off Type for employees to request specific COVID-related sick leave or this time code may be configured to fire based on a normal sick request with a COVID reason code selected. For more information on how to configure Time-off Types, please refer to “Time-off Request” blog entry.
  • If an employee takes COVID related sick leave, the COVID time code is automatically applied to the employee’s timesheet, decrementing the SICK balance and incrementing the COVID Days Taken balance.

Here’s a brief video on how you can configure time codes and balances today to help you track different sick events separately within Infor WFM:

For more examples on how to configure Balance and Accruals in WFM, please consult the Balances & Accruals Implementation and Administration Guides. If you need a copy, it can be found on

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