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November 10, 2021By Adriana DiNenno

Changing societal norms have many organizations taking note of traditional practices to better understand whether diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) are applied during the hiring process and long-term strategic plans for their people.

To be successful and competitive, organizations need to ensure they leverage the uniqueness of everyone in their workforce, provide equitable opportunities, and create a culture that all individuals are heard and included.

Infor People Solutions has a number of features and capabilities that enable employers to remove bias; track, measure, and report diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging; and gain insights into people’s well-being, productivity and sense of belonging.

Here are a few examples of ways Infor People Solutions can help you deliver on the promise of DEI&B:

  • Dashboards that provide a view into diversity and inclusion with data such as gender, ethnicity, veteran status, pay equity and more.
Infor HR Talent
  • Manage budgets for salary, bonuses and pay equity with pay-for- performance programs and automated pay plans and awards.
  • Stay connected with Pulse Surveys, which measures employee sentiments, for managers and team members, and use the results to gauge people’s sense of belonging, and other criteria you can easily define.
Infor HR Talent - Pulse surveys
  • Be confident you have the right people in the right roles by using Job Profile to analyze fit and behavior attributes that are ideal for the individual and the organization.
  • Recognize your people with Raves to mark years of service milestones, issue badges and awards for major achievements or to wish someone a happy birthday and give them the opportunity to recognize each other for their work and accomplishments.
  • Give your people the days off they need, including mental health days through Absence programs.
  • Remove bias and uncover hidden talent, all while recruiting a diverse workforce using unique hiring workflows to attract, screen, and select candidates.
  • Empower people to grow knowledge, skills and abilities through learning and development activities.
  • Maintain a healthy and safe workplace using wellness activities or other health items, such as COVID-19 tests. Analyze safety incidents to minimize workplace issues and promote safe behaviors by allowing people to recognize each other for following the rules.
  • Promote communication and engagement with employees and their managers with weekly check-ins, to find out what is important to them and help understand their passion and priorities about the work they do.

These are just a few examples how Infor People Solutions can help your organization build a workforce that feels they belong and are a valuable team member.

I would love to hear how what your organization is doing to create a strategy that includes DEI&B in the workplace. Connect with me on LinkedIn and let’s keep the conversation going.

Written by:

Adriana DiNenno, Product Manager, Infor People Solutions

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