3 ways industry AI optimizes productivity in the flow of work

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April 9, 2024By Eamon Ida | Head of Solution Marketing, Infor OS Platform

Given the current competitive talent landscape and market demands, organizations are now pressured to increase productivity and do more with less. With new ways of working emerging every day, generative AI applications are increasingly delivering on productivity gains across industries. I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of navigating the complexities of daily tasks while witnessing the profound impact AI can have on reimagining industries and empowering teams to accomplish more with less effort. 

Our industry first, industry always approach 

At Infor, we believe that hyper-productivity requires more than just humans and artificial intelligence working together. It also requires the right data down to the individual workflow of that industry subsegment. We have always taken an industry first, industry always approach to building solutions which allows our customers to tackle their most pressing business problems with precision considering the nuances of their industry subsegment. Anticipating patient needs and streamlining care delivery is not the same exercise as predicting and preparing for emerging fashion trends.

With over two decades of experience and a vast repository of data encompassing more than 60,000 organizations and millions of users, Infor possesses unparalleled insight into the unique workflows and best practices of each industry we serve. This deep understanding of how work gets done in specific industry contexts enables us to develop solutions that are precisely tailored to optimize productivity and efficiency. By embedding this industry-specific knowledge and best practices into our products, we empower our customers to streamline their operations, make better decisions, and ultimately achieve better business outcomes. At Infor, we don't just provide technology—we deliver the industry expertise that makes our solutions uniquely valuable.

Achieve business outcomes faster with Infor Industry AI

Building on our deep industry context, Infor has been at the forefront of integrating AI and machine learning into workflows for years. Our Infor Industry AI solutions have empowered customers across various industry subsegments to modernize their decision-making processes and automate critical workflows. From enabling predictive maintenance for tire manufacturers to driving product recommendations for bakery ingredients providers, Infor's Augmented Intelligence Service has delivered tangible results. By democratizing AI and making it accessible to everyone, regardless of in-house data science expertise, we have helped customers achieve remarkable outcomes. 

For instance, Zeelandia boosted sales productivity by an impressive 83%, while Kal Tire automated a staggering 900,000 manual visual inspections annually. These success stories underscore the transformative power of Infor Industry AI in driving efficiency, enhancing performance, and unlocking new possibilities for our customers. 

Optimize productivity with Infor GenAI

Today, we announced that Infor Industry AI further unleashes productivity with Infor GenAI, a new generative AI service, grounded in our data and expertise of industry nuances. Now, with Infor GenAI, organizations across all industries, from healthcare, to manufacturing, to distribution can realize the opportunity to reimagine efficiency, elevate employee work, and innovate with ease. 

The start of where Infor GenAI can help: 

1. Generative AI for Healthcare 

Infor GenAI reduces the administrative demands on frontline staff. For example, nurses can ask Infor GenAI questions such as “How many hours am I scheduled to work next week?” or “Who’s available to work that open shift?”. Contract managers can instantly compare contracts to identify similarities and differences in terms and conditions. By freeing frontline staff from tedious tasks, it gives them more time to focus on critical patient outcomes. 

2. Generative AI for Aerospace and Defense

In complex project environments, cross-functional collaboration and alignment are key to on-time delivery and cost efficiency. With the click of a button, Infor GenAI produces a project summary with an overall status and identifies issues, such as delays and cost overruns, and even suggests how managers can get the project back on track—keeping projects on-schedule and on-budget.

3. Generative AI for Food & Beverage

Infor GenAI also solves real-life business challenges for the food and beverage industries. As these industries bring new products to market, Infor GenAI writes product descriptions for websites, catalogs, or e-commerce platforms within seconds saving teams countless hours of having to write it themselves. 

Build a hyper-productive future together

These are just a few examples of how Infor GenAI is embedded into the everyday tasks within Infor CloudSuites™, where our customers are already working. Built on the robust foundation of Infor OS, our Industry Cloud Platform, Infor GenAI harnesses the power of innovative enterprise technologies to drive tangible, value-driven results across virtually every aspect of your business.

But this is just the beginning. As we continue to invest in and enhance Infor Industry AI, our mission remains clear: to develop solutions that not only boost productivity but also empower you to focus on the specialized, high-value work that truly matters. By staying at the forefront of AI innovation, we're committed to helping you remain agile and competitive in your industry.

Infor GenAI is available for early adopters in April 2024 by invitation. Learn more at infor.com/genai.  


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