Get a millennial makeover: How distributors can leverage modern ERP systems to better serve the emergent majority

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March 30, 2023

Today, 35% of the global workforce are millennials, but they are truly an emergent majority, and we are standing right at the tipping point. By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be millennials. If you have business-to-business (B2B) operations, this generational shift means that 75% of your customers will be millennials within the next two years.

Infor’s modern CloudSuite ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems are uniquely suited to help you best interact with the younger generation of customers, as well as the changing expectations of all B2B customers. This emergent majority demands an elevated level of service for their time. They expect a personalized, transparent experience through their entire purchasing journey. They prefer human-curated digital experiences to traditional sales approaches. At Infor, we have made significant changes to our cloud-based ERP systems, so you can meet these demands and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Throughout their adult lives, the digital natives, who are quickly becoming the largest part of the workforce, have always had their credit cards saved in browsers and on websites. As a result, they demand personalized digital shopping experiences.

Infor has invested heavily in advanced cloud technology that enables us to provide a highly personalized experience to our customers. This includes customized product recommendations and targeted marketing campaigns designed to meet the individual needs and preferences of each customer. We recognize that these younger workers are seeking an experience tailored to their unique wants and needs, and our technology helps us to deliver just that. More importantly, we have enhanced our CloudSuites to optionally extend these capabilities to a variety of other external or internal systems that you may have in place.

We also understand that the younger generation of workers prefers to communicate using their own means. Whether it is email, social media, or even text messaging, we have implemented various communication channels to cater to their preferences. We built all our CloudSuites on top of the Infor OS (Operating Service) platform, which is specifically designed to integrate solutions in the cloud. By doing so, our CloudSuites offer a seamless and integrated experience across all these communication and sales channels, which makes it easier for customers to buy from you the way, and during the times, they prefer. This capability enables our CloudSuites to offer truly personalized, omnichannel experiences to your customers.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business world, the younger generation of workers expects full transparency throughout their journey. This includes everything from initial contact to final purchase. At Infor, we understand that transparency is not only important to our customers, it also is important to our leadership team. We believe that businesses should strive to create virtuous cycles of mutual benefit, where both the customer and the provider benefit from the relationship. We have always recognized transparency is key to building a successful business in any competitive market. Therefore, we have designed all our products and services to enable you to provide continuous, accurate, clear, and concise information about all your products and services.

As I previously have mentioned, our company strongly believes in creating mutually beneficial cycles of positive impact. Therefore, our focus extends beyond our own success and encompasses fostering sustainable growth for all parties involved, including you and your customers. We recognize that you need to adopt these new interactions into your businesses, as well. That is why we offer a suite of products designed to help you streamline your processes and provide a personalized, transparent experience to your customers. With our technology, you can take your distribution business to the next level and meet the expectations of the younger generation of workers.

By focusing on their desires and expectations, and by providing a highly personalized and transparent experience, we have been able to build strong relationships with this emerging majority. Our technology and products are designed to help you do the same. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and meet the demands of the younger generation of customers, why not reach out to us to learn more?

Check out this report, “Choosing the Right ERP for Your Business,” sponsored by Infor, which discusses how distributors like you can leverage increasingly powerful ERP technologies to meet market demands and offer a differentiated value proposition.

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