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Accounting and financials built for construction

Infor Construction is a cloud-based construction management and accounting solution that delivers timely information to make managing jobs more efficient. Contractors and construction organizations of all sizes, across all industry segments, rely on Infor Construction to monitor the performance and profitability of every contract. Compare estimates versus actual costs. Track percent complete, labor productivity, and manage cost commitments through purchase orders and subcontract relationships.
  • Flexible work breakdown structures
  • Multiple billing types
  • Summary and detail job-cost reports
  • Importing and drill-down capabilities
  • Pre-built and customizable reporting
  • Business intelligence (BI) dashboards

Infor Construction Resources

Take our 30 years of construction financial management knowledge to the cloud

Accelerate your business with a modernized approach; allowing your team to improve efficiency and make better financial decisions:

  • Boost project cost tracking and financial operations.
  • Enhance visibility and control of every construction project by monitoring work in progress, percent complete, change of orders and cash flow.
  • Improve the economics of your operations with new and improved processes for labor collection, subcontractor performance, material costs, and job cost analysis.
BUILT for Construction

Infor Construction offers rich functionality tailored to meet the unique demands of your industry.

Improve critical business decisions

Flexible work breakdown structures and access to real-time job cost analysis enable teams to make proactive choices for day-to-day operations, respond swiftly to emerging challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

Maximize visibility of accurate job cost information

Tracking of material purchases and subcontractor performance delivers an added level of detail to committed costs, giving a true understanding of cost-to-date and budget remaining for the job.

Take advantage of intuitive additions and capabilities

Multi-level reporting and drill-downs provide summary costs and revenue numbers - without the challenge of attempting to analyze data across several screens. Interactive graphical tools provide high-level job cost information for the corporate decision maker, all at a glance.

Eliminate redundancy and errors in labor time collection

Mobile Time Entry provides streamlined collection of labor time from the field, and easy data access for payroll.    

Increase accessibility and security

True multi-tenant cloud-based environment with flexible deployment, secure protocols and business continuity through Amazon Web Services, a leading cloud architecture partner.

Streamline financial reporting, even across multiple entities

Seamlessly integrated construction and financial management delivers easy reconciliation, comprehensive financial statements and profit and lost analysis, giving you better visibility of the financial health of your business.

Real-time financial control

Fully integrated financial solution, providing detailed information about each job’s progress and financial stability as well as a full picture of the company’s overall profitability.

  • On-demand, centralized data with role and user-based secure access
  • Simultaneous cash and accrual-based accounting and different accounting periods for multiple entities
  • Real-time insight into operational billings, cash receipts and expenses
  • Streamlined auto-posting to the GL, automatic processing and multiple audit controls, direct-to-vendor ACH payments via accounts payable

Accounting built for construction

Scalable operations and features designed to support the specific needs of the construction industry.

  • Collect costs for jobs using standard work breakdown structure and cost codes tailored to your business
  • Compare estimated vs. actual cost, commitments, subcontractor performance, labor and materials, and cash position, helping to avoid cost overruns and ensure that jobs finish on or below budget
  • Monitor purchase requisitions with budget stipulations, unit costs, approvals, material received and vendor payments
  • Manage subcontract agreements and work to be performed, including change orders, insurance certifications, lien waivers and retainage
  • Utilize multiple billing methods: free form, cost plus, contract, and progress billing (including AIA), as well as time and materials 
  • Capture further financial details relating to inventory and company-owned equipment usage

Reporting, dashboards and analytics

Obtain up-to-the-minute status reports and conduct virtually unlimited, detailed searches, while maintaining data security.   

  • Graphical dashboards display high-level financial performance information via colorful maps, grids, and charts
  • Interactive maps act as a visual guide with user-designed filters by region, state, or project to see only the data that matters to you
  • Drill down navigation and filters effortlessly provide even further details at various levels and categories
  • Tailorable reports and dashboards with real-time KPIs provide investors with valuable information
  • Partnership accounting and inter-company functionality create systematic distribution of funds to project and property investors
  • Standard reports with on-screen inquiries for immediate access to critical financial data and analysis of key metrics

Mobile time card entry

Collect time and attendance details from the field allowing your team to easily track time, manage your workforce and effectively allocate labor costs

  • Record labor time and job cost details using our mobile app, on a daily or weekly basis, right at the source, ensuring accurate labor performance data collection
  • Log time by individual employee or using crew time entry
  • Confirm attendance, review overtime, document sick time and vacation time
  • One-click upload to payroll eliminates redundant capture and data entry which minimizes errors, eliminates paper, and reduces processing time

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