Industrial manufacturers forge customer-centric strategies

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Create high-impact customer experiences to foster brand loyalty

Manufacturers have always had to find ways to seek new ways to attract, inspire, and motivate potential buyers. Today is no different, but what has changed is the ability for manufacturers to leverage technology to create memorable experiences. This paradigm shift toward technology-driven customer alignment is prevalent among business-to-business (B2B) organizations, as well as consumer markets. Tactics range from introducing high-tech components to offering product personalization.

These efforts can be highly disruptive, however, as the pressure to compete often pushes manufacturers outside their comfort zone. On top of that, resources like microprocessor chips are already in short supply, adding to market challenges and complexity. Fortunately, modern software solutions can help industrial manufacturers create memorable experiences for customers—while also helping to ensure operational efficiency and protect margins.

Change the way you sell

The COVID-19 pandemic and consequential supply chain disruption forced many manufacturers to change the way they sell to their customers. E-commerce, supply chain visibility, mass customization, and selling directly to the consumer are just some of the tactics that manufacturers adopted or enhanced in an attempt to overcome disruption. The pandemic also significantly expanded the use of contactless purchases and automated online processes, which have proven to be highly flexible, ultraefficient, and preferred by many customers. As a result, it’s unlikely consumers, retailors, or manufacturers will advocate for a return to previous ways of conducting commerce, even as markets stabilize in a post-COVID “new normal.”

To remain relevant and keep pace with changing expectations, manufacturers must turn attention to building customer centric strategies.

Model B2B customer alignment on successful consumer brands

Industrial manufacturers of machinery and equipment, as well as manufacturers in the high-tech, automotive, and aerospace and defense industries, can model their initiatives after highly successful tactics pioneered by manufacturers and distributors in consumer industries (such as fashion, retail, and food and beverage). Here are five common tactics that form the foundation of a customer-centric strategy:

Build a solid foundation

As manufacturers face fierce global competition, improving customer alignment can be valuable in fostering lasting relationships and brand loyalty. Manufacturers can look to consumer products for examples of tactics proven successful in enhancing brand loyalty and creating positive buying experiences for customers.

Modern, agile software solutions can help manufacturers transition to a customer-centric, go-to-market approach. Offering configured products, design collaboration, reliable delivery, e-commerce, and aftermarket service are among the highly effectives tactics manufacturers can adopt. These tactics provide a sound foundation for building relationships with customers and moving the buying process away from price points. Manufacturers investing in modern software can use technology to better align with customers, deliver products with value, and foster a positive buying experience. Investing in customer satisfaction can lead to bottom-line results.


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